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Wisdom vs. Wealth

O. T. #757  "Wisdom vs. Wealth"
May 19, 2016
1 Kings 3
That night the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream, and God said, "What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!"  1 Kings 3:5 NLT


If God gave us an option of wisdom or wealth, which would we choose? I like to think I would choose wisdom. Although both can be used to help others and support God's kingdom work, wisdom does not flee. Wealth does. Here today and gone tomorrow. James tells us to ask for wisdom and we will receive it. Do I? Most of the time I do when it is a big decision, but daily small decision, I am sorry to admit that do not ask as much as I should. Solomon was given the choice of wisdom or wealth, or whatever he would like. Let's find out what he chose.

During this time, royal family members were often exchanged for marriages between the nations to secure peace. Solomon began taking foreign wives, the beginning of his downfall. In this chapter, we read where he took the daughter of Pharaoh of Egypt as one of those wives. Their marriage was like a diplomatic alliance or a modern ambassador. The problem is, he allowed those foreign women to worship their own gods, so their pagan ideas and practices entered Jerusalem.
Solomon brought the princess to live in

The people sacrificed in the high places. (verse3)
God's laws said that the Israelites could make sacrifices only in specified places (Deut. 12:13-14). It was to be the place where God had chosen that Israel was to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings. Keep in mind, this is before the Tabernacle was built by Solomon. This was to prevent the people from instituting their own methods of worship and allowing pagan practices to creep into their worship. However, Israel and their king were making sacrifices in the surrounding hills. Although King Solomon loved God and walked in the statutes of David, this was an act of sin. It took the offerings out of the watchful care of priests and ministers loyal to God and opened the way for false teaching to be tied to these sacrifices.

The Ark resided in a tent located in Jerusalem where David erected it. Solomon went to Gibeon, 6 miles northwest of Jerusalem, where a tabernacle and bronze altar were, instead of worshiping in Jerusalem.

Are there any pagan practices we use in our worship centers? Do we compromise with the worldliness that surrounds us by bringing their ways into our churches? What comes to mind is Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are often brought in. Do we allow them to enter so our children do not see the distinction between worshiping God and those?


It was in Gibeon that the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream one night when He asked, What shall I give thee?

Some commentators think Solomon was age 12, 14, or 20. Falwell
How did Solomon show humility and reverence to the Lord?
  • He said that God had shown great mercy, faithful love, to his father David because he was honest, true, and faithful to Him.
  • He acknowledged how God's faithful love had continued to him as David's son.
  • Solomon says he is like a child who does not know his way around.
  • He is in the midst of a God's own chosen people, a nation so great and numerous they cannot be counted.
  • Solomon asked God to give him an understanding heart to judge, govern, the people so he could discern between good and bad.
Falwell explains verse 9, that a hearing heart hears the voice of God and follows its lead in obedience or having the patience to hear a case and understand it fully.

When given a chance to have anything in the world, Solomon asked for wisdom, an obedient heart, in order to lead well and to make right decisions. As Solomon did not ask God to do the job for him, but through him. His wisdom is given so we know what to do and the courage to follow through on it. Solomon did not ask for riches. While God does not promise riches to those who follow Him, He gives us what we need if we put His kingdom, His interests, and His principles first (Matt. 6:31-33).
(Life Application Study Bible)


Ask for God's wisdom so I can follow His will and ways.

Trust Him to meet my needs.

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