Friday, May 20, 2016

Mercy and Kindness

O. T. #758  "Mercy and Kindness"
May 20, 2016
1 Kings 3-Part 2


Folks, I must share what has been going on in my life the past year and this week, for God's glory. I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday, so that is why I didn't post anything. After 45 years of battling with the disease called Crohns, I got a good report, no inflammation or polyps. I have been taking a different medicine for less than a year now and it is working for my body. After all those years of embarrassing and humbling diarrhea and pain, I am able to live a normal life. It may be an usual thing to be grateful for, but words cannot express this happy and thankful heart. Such kindness and mercy my God has shown to me! How great is our God! Truly, the Lord is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord Heals. (I realize that I must continue to watch my diet and take my medicine, but it is worth the results.) My heart wants to sing "how great is my God!"
David and Solomon experienced the mercy and kindness of God, also. Join me as we find out how they did so.

When God offered Solomon the privilege of asking for anything he wanted and he would receive it, for what did he ask? It was not wealth or riches, but an understanding heart, wisdom, and discernment between good and bad. God answered Solomon's prayer.

Jeremiah Study Bible, written by David Jeremiah, states:
Scholars estimate that Solomon was about 20 years old at this time. His answer to God's question marks his maturity as well as his love for the Lord (3:3).  The humility of an understanding heart births a spirit that is sensitive to what God says through His Word and His people. Discern derives from the same root as the word between and refers to the ability to choose between two options.
Do you see the values that Solomon was taught and had? Here is a ruler of a great empire who desired to have an obedient and wise heart.

Another thing, Solomon acknowledged in verse 6, that God had shown His servant David mercy and kindness.
In Hebrew, the same word is used for mercy and kindness, checed (pronounced kheh'-sed).

Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary states that almost always chesed  refers to covenant faithfulness. David was faithful in his obedience to God; God was, in turn, faithful in giving and keeping His covenant promises to David. Covenant faithfulness is a key concept in OT theology.

In Psalm 72, we read about a prayer for Solomon's reign as Israel's new king. In it, Solomon desires to judge God's people with righteousness, break the oppressor in pieces, deliver the needy and poor.

In speaking of Jesus, the coming Messiah, verse 17 says:
His name shall endure forever: His name shall be continued as long as the sun; and men shall be blessed in Him: all nations shall call Him blessed.

Do we recognize God's mercy and kindness in our life daily?


Solomon said that his father David, servant of God, walked before God in:
  • truth,
  • righteousness, and
  • uprightness of heart.
What an example for Solomon and us to follow.

Solomon's attitude and request pleased God. (verse 10)
He did not take the opportunity to seek after personal gain or power. God rewarded Solomon with wisdom. Because of his choice, Solomon was rewarded  with riches and honor, as well as a long life if he remained faithful to God's commands. Thus, Solomon is known as the wisest man born, next to Jesus Christ. Solomon reigned 40 years as king of Israel.

When Solomon awoke from his dream in which God spoke this to him, then he went to Jerusalem and stood before the Ark of the Covenant and offered burnt and peace offerings and had a feast for all his servants. (verse 15)

God does not promise riches to all his followers, but He does give what we need if we put His kingdom and principles first (Matthew 6). We will find deep satisfaction in life when we serve God and put Him first in our life.


Thank God for His mercy and kindness.

Don't seek to live by the world's ways, but seek God's wisdom in my life.

Ask for discernment between good and bad form God.

Give God the glory in my life.

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