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A Significant Place

O. T. #745  "A Significant Place"
2 Samuel 24-Part 3
Then David said, "This will be the location for the Temple of the LORD God and the place of the altar for Israel's burnt offerings." 1 Chronicles 22:1


Are there any significant places, the ones that have been of importance in your life? I can think of one that has been in our lives. It is our home church. Both my husband and I were baptized there, although two years apart; we were married there; then we surrender to the ministry there. In addition to all of those events, it was the first church which both of our children attended as babies. Although its physical appearance has changed, I still see it in my mind as it was some 40 years earlier. David turned a threshing floor into a significant place. Join me today as we learn what a simple, insignificant place became one esteemed in all of Israel.

We left David recognizing the enormous result of his willful rebellion against God. He was given three options from which to choose as his punishment-3 years of famine in Israel, 3 months of fleeing their enemies, or 3 days of pestilence in the land. When this broken man faced up to his responsibility, he throw himself on the mercy of God.

What happened next?
  • This resulted in 70,000 fresh graves and families grieving their loss. So many lives were marked by David's compromise with pride (taking a census in Israel).
  • David looked up and saw the angel standing between heaven and earth with his sword drawn, reaching out over Jerusalem. (verse 16)
  • David and the leaders of Israel fell face down on the ground. David interceded for his city. (verses 15-16)
  • Then the Lord stopped the death angel from destroying the people of Jerusalem. He was standing by the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.  (verse 15) 
  • That day the Lord told Gad to instruct David to go up and build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. (verse 18)
  • In the meantime, Araunah and his 4 sons were threshing wheat and saw an angel  there. His sons ran in fear.
What is so significant about this threshing floor?
Reading this same story in 1 Chronicles 21:18-22, we find that it would become the location for the Temple of the LORD God and the place of the altar for Israel's burnt offerings in Jerusalem, the city of David. (1 Chron. 22:1)

Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary give more information:
Araunah's threshing floor sat above Jerusalem to the north, in the area where Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice and where Solomon would later build the temple. Since threshing utilized the wind, threshing floors probably were often in high parts of cities.

What is significant about this specific place in Jerusalem?
We read of its importance to Abraham, David, and Solomon. Prophets foretold of the destruction of the Temple, and then restoration. It would be the site where Jesus would teach and preach in the Temple. Also, another New Jerusalem is included as the place where God will gather all His people in Revelation 21.

To me is so amazing how God has places of significance by His choosing. The important thing is, are we and our loved ones going to be included in this gathering?

My significant place currently is where I meet with the Lord daily to worship and speak with Him and He with me-my little office at home. Oh, it is a multipurpose room where my clothes hang in the closet and on the door, books sit upon the shelves, commentaries are spread out on the desk, my granddaughter's toys are waiting for us to use, Vacation Bible School decorations are in the making, and family pictures and history remain. Most importantly, though, it is a place where I can go to pour out my heart to my loving and caring Heavenly Father. It's significance is that He communes with me there the first part of the day. Amidst the cluttered room, He finds His way around it all, and comes directly to tis sinner's heart to visit with me, on this country road of faith where I live. It is so quiet that I can still hear the frogs on the pond croaking songs of praise to Jesus.


Now, back to David. He and his elders went to this threshing floor and consulted the owner:
What transpired on this insignificant place which was about to change into the most significant site in Israel?
  • The owner bowed when he saw King David approaching.
  • David offered to buy it at full price. Then he would build an altar there so the Lord would stop the plague on Israel.
  • The owner offered it to David as a free gift, as well as oxen for the burnt offering, the threshing boards used as wood for the fire, and wheat for the grain offering, to be used. He wanted to give it all to David.
  • David refused the offer, insisting on buying it paying the full price.
I Chronicles 21:24 records David saying: I will not take what is yours and give it to the LORD. I will not present burnt offerings that have not cost me nothing!

David paid Araunah 600 pieces of gold for the threshing floor, on Mt. Moriah. He built an altar there to the Lord and sacrificed burnt and peace offerings upon it. David prayed and the Lord sent fire to consume the offerings. That is when He spoke to the angel, who put the sword back into its sheath. David made sacrifices there when he saw the Lord answered his prayer.

At that time, the Tabernacle of the LORD was located in Gibeon. However, David did not go there to inquire of the Lord because he was terrified by the drawn sword of the angel of the LORD. Thus Jerusalem became the location for the Temple of the LORD God and the place of the altar for Israel's burnt offerings. [Resource: The One Year Chronological Bible/NLT]

This was where the shedding of blood took care of the sins. Notice that David would not give the Lord another man's sacrifice. A cheap sacrifice is worse than no sacrifice at all. (Wiersbe)

God puts a higher value on sacrificial offerings than on their monetary value. (Falwell)

Do we present offerings to the Lord that cost us nothing? Or do we present Him with sacrifices that cost us? What is God asking us to sacrifice to Him today? Jesus gave His blood as a sacrifice for our sins, costing Him everything, His life. Should we do any less?


Give my body and myself as a living sacrifice to God.

Keep my significant place a place of  surrender.

Praise my God of grace and mercy.

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