Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Showing Grace

O.T. #752  "Showing Grace"
May 11, 2016
1 Kings 1-Part 4
Solomon replied, If he proves himself to be loyal, not a hair on his head will be touched. 
1 Kings 1:52 NLT 


Adonijah, David's son, was setting himself up to take over as the next king of Israel and gathering his supporters. David was now old and unable to continue his duties as king. Three of David's supporters informed him of this plot, with the prophet Nathan and wife Bathsheba informed David what was going on.

How did David react to this news?
  • He called for Bathsheba to come into his presence. (The etiquette in that time was for her to leave when Nathan previously entered the room.)
  • David was making good on his promise to Bathsheba, telling her that Solomon, their son, would be the next king and sit on his throne that very day, just as David had vowed earlier to her and the God of Israel. (verse 28)
  • Then David called in his three supporters to carry out this order.
  • Priest Zadok, Prophet Nathan, Benaiah and body guard, lost no time in putting Solomon on a King David's mule and took him to Gihon  Springs, located on the west side of Jerusalem in the Kidron Valley.
  • There Solomon was anointed by Zadok with the olive oil from the Lord's tabernacle as king of Israel.
  • The ram's horn was sounded and the people showed their support by shouting, "Long live King Solomon!"
Although David was weak bodily, he was still strong in his mind. We are assured this when he instructed the anointing of Solomon and gave his king's mule for him to ride. To ride the king's mule was to claim the throne and served as a symbolism of David's approval. He acted quickly. With the proper religious personnel present at the coronation of Solomon, the people gladly accepted him as their next king.

When Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, it symbolized Him as King of the Jews and fulfilled Zechariah 9:9. (Matthew 21)  Jesus is called the son of David. The people, along the way, praised Jesus and waved psalm branches, acknowledging Jesus as their king.
One day, Jesus will return to earth to reign as its King for a thousand years. Everyone will bow to this Holy One of Israel.

Is Jesus the king of our heart and life? Does He rule over our attitudes and actions, our decisions and deeds?


The celebration was so joyous and noisy that the earth shook with the sound. Now that is some party! With the noise of the celebration of Solomon as the new king of Israel, Adonijah and his guests over in En-rogel heard it.
"Why is the city in such an uproar?" Joab inquired. The spy in Jerusalem informed them that Solomon was anointed as king of Israel and was presently sitting on the throne. Adonijah's guests scattered at the news. He was afraid of Solomon, so he rushed to the sacred tent and grabbed on to the horns of the altar.
Adonijah plead, "Let King Solomon swear today that he will not kill me!"

How would Solomon react? Adonijah was as bad as their brother Absolom when it came to selfish ambition and rebellion.

Solomon's replied, "If he proves himself to be loyal, not a hair on his head will be touched. but if he makes trouble, he will die.
King Solomon summoned Adonijah, who went down to the altar. He bowed respectfully before King Solomon, who dismissed him to go home.

By grasping the hors of the altar, the culprit placed himself under the protection of the saving and helping grace of God, which wipes away sin, and therefore abolishes punishment (Keil)

Solomon granted Adonijah a conditional pardon on the basis of good behavior and his relinquishing any further claims on the throne. (Falwell)

Anyone in need of grace today besides me? When we get caught in sin, we want grace shown to us, don't we? Especially, God's grace for us. Are we willing to show someone grace today that has harmed us?


Forgive and show grace to those who have hurt me.

Work on being gracious today.

Be expectantly awaiting Jesus return.

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