Monday, May 30, 2016

Waiting and Working

O. T. #763  "Waiting and Working"
May 28, 2016
1 Kings 6
I will live among the Israelites and will never abandon my people Israel.  1 Kings 6:13 NLT


It took 3 years for the men of our church, as well as contractors, to complete it. Oh, what a long time it seemed. the waiting and working took forever, it seemed. I can't imagine having to wait 7 years or even 20 years for it to be done, like Israel waited.

So, 480 years later, after Israel left Egypt and were free from 400 years of slaver, building of the Temple of God began in Jerusalem. It was during his fourth year reigning as king. King David had begun preparing the materials which would be used by Solomon, his son. These years are symbolic and represented 12 generations.
It took 7 years for Solomon to complete the Temple; then he built the king's house, other structures, and courts making up the Temple area. The entire project took 20 years.

In verse 13, God's promise is reminiscent of the one that He made to Moses in Exodus 25:8. The Lord forewarned Solomon and Israel that the temple was no guarantee of His presence; only their continued obedience would assure that. (MacArthur)

The Israelites had to obey God's law. They were not cut off from God for failing to keep some small part of the law. Forgiveness was amply provided for all their sins, no matter how large or small.
As we read through the history of the kings, we will see the law breaking was the result of the separation with God. The kings abandoned God in their hearts first and then failed to keep His laws. When we close our hearts to God, we soon lose His power and presence. (Life Application Study Bible)

Sadly, 500 years later, the Temple is destroyed when Israel is taken into captivity by Babylon.

Are we striving to keep God's Word in our heart? We fail, since we are sinners, but Jesus forgives us of our sins when we confess them.


The description of the shell of the Temple is given  in the first 13 verses:
  • Its dimensions were about double that of the Tabernacle.
  • The porch, or vestibule, was an attachment about 15 feet long and in front of the building.
  • Windows were place high on the inner side of the Temple wall, as shutters. These allowed the vapors of the lamps and smoke of the incense to be let out, as well as let in light.
  • Chambers around the main part were 3 stories high with a spiral staircase connecting the two upper ones. The priests lived there and the money was kept there.
  • Stones for the Temple were finished away from the site in order to show reverence in quietness for God's presence and sacredness of the building. No iron tools were to be used, as God had instructed in Deuteronomy 27.
Do we show reverence for God's house where we worship Him? Are we teaching our children to treat it in such a way?


Act as though God were living in my presence and among my family.

Trust Him to never abandon my people.

Show respect for God's house where I worship.

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