Friday, May 13, 2016

Impacting Lives

O. T. #754  "Impacting Lives"
May 13, 2016
1 Kings 2-Part 2


Who has impacted your Christian life? Many have in mine, and probably yours. My step-grandmother took me to Sunday School and church for years. School teachers and then preachers throughout the years have. David left some last words for his son Solomon before he passed on.

Solomon, who was David's son, is now on the throne of Israel. He is reigning after his father, but not without some serious and godly advice from the king with 40 years experience. Join me as we take a look at it:
  • Know the Lord God, serve Him seek Him-observe God's requirements and follow all of His ways, keep his statues, commandments, judgments, testimonies. As Moses wrote, you will prosper and be successful in all you do and wherever you go. (verse 3)
  • If you do this, the Lord will keep His promise as made (to David): If your children live as they should and follow God with all their heart and soul, walking in truth, one will always be on the throne of Israel. (verse 4)
  • Concerning Joab, who murdered two of David' commanders Abner and Amasa, during a time of peace, but pretended it was due to wartime. According to your wisdom, do what you think best, but don't let him grow old. (David wanted Joab's wickedness dealt with). (verses 5-6)
  • Make the sons of Barzillai permanent guests at your table, for they provided for me when Absalom rebelled. (verse 7)
  • Another the matter of Shimei, who cursed me, yet he met me at the Jordan River, sorry for it all, so I allowed him to live. In your wisdom, you can arrange a death of him. (verses 8-9)
In Chronicles 28 and 29, David encouraged Solomon's ruling the people with strength and courage of the Lord. God chose Solomon to build God's Temple, not for man, but for God. He will not fail you nor forsake you until all the work for the service of the house of the LORD is finished.
Can you see it, with battle-scared hands, David hands over the scepter of Israel and the plans for the Temple of God.

What a legacy David left his son! Faith like no other at that time. Solomon would enjoy numerous benefits because of his father's accomplishments.

Are we grateful for all our ancestors have done so we can enjoy freedoms, a Christian heritage, godly principles to live by, and family values? Are we passing them onto our children and grandchildren?

[Resources: David, A Man of Passion and Destiny by Charles Swindoll,


Sadly, it is time to say good by to David. In verse 10, we read of his death and he was buried in the city of David. David's words of encouragement live on as we read them in the book of Psalms. How blessed we are to have them.

Then sat Solomon upon the throne of David his father; and his kingdom was established greatly. (verse 12)

Solomon received numerous things from his father as an inheritance:
  • a nation unified under one flag;
  • a royal capital in Jerusalem;
  • the military force of Israel respected by all their enemies, with all enemies subdued, including the Philistines;
  • Israel's boundaries extended from 6,000 to 60,000 square miles;
  • prosperity due to trade routes set up by David;
  • a people who hungered for God, righteousness, and the sounds of his father's songs.
Are we paving the way for our descendants to walk with God? Are we grateful for the investment of time and labors of our parents? Are we a people who hunger after God and His Word?

Thanks to the Heavenly Father of David, who has shown us how to be a passionate people with a destiny. God uses us weak ones for His kingdom work, encourages us when we are fearful, forgives us when we fail,


Impact lives with the love of Jesus and His Word.

Leave my family with a legacy of faith.

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