Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How Are We Behaving?

O. T. #1317  "How Are We Behaving?"
Oct. 31, 2018
Psalm 101
I will behave myself in a perfect way... Psalm 101:2


This psalm may have been written by King David at his coronation as king of Israel. David lays out the ways that he wants to walk with God and live his life to please God.

F.B. Myer gives three ways that David made up his mind in choosing:
  1. to live the perfect way with integrity;
  2. his friends;
  3. his public rule.
Shall we take a closer look at each one? How does David decide to carry out his living with integrity?
  • In his home, David will live with integrity, the perfect (truth, without blemish) way. (verse 2)
  • He refused to look at anything vile and vulgar. (verse 3)
What kind of friends was David determined to choose?
  • faithful people as his companions (verse 6)
  • only those above reproach would be his servants (verse 6)
  • no deceivers would be his servants and liars would not stay in his presence (verse 7)
David's public rule would be with the righteous exalted and put away the wicked from Jerusalem, the Holy City of God.

Will we strive to be like David? Does our home life match our public life? Do we watch what we watch? Television seems to have little discretions in the sitcoms and movies they provide. anything is available on the internet. Spam content can be vulgar. Daily we must remain dedicated to a life of integrity. Also, we must hold others accountable. The world of evil and sin wants to creep in and overtake our Christian home and way of life, leading us down a road that is not the perfect way.


So how can we lead blameless lives? Life Application Study Bible tells us to avoid:
  1. looking at wickedness-anything vile or vulgar (verse 3)
  2. evil thoughts or associates (verse 4)
  3. slander (verse 5)
  4. pride (verse 5)
While avoiding these wrongs, we must also let God's Word show us the standards by which to live.

Shall we look around and see if we need to make some adjustments in these areas?
How are we walking with God and others?


Watch my thoughts, words, actions so they reveal integrity in my heart.
Pick my friends that are godly people.
Behave myself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


O. T. #1316 "Change"
Oct. 30, 2018
Psalm 100-Part 3
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.  James 1:17


How many ways has God shown us his love? They are countless, wouldn't you agree? Just this morning I went outside to feed my cats and heard the quietness of the morning. There was little traffic noise on the highway in the distance, as of yet, but a bird was singing in the nearby woods. More brown leaves  were glowing orange in the light of the sun. These are only a few gifts of the morning from our Father in heaven. Can you tell I am a morning person? Soon those leaves will fall off the trees and change will be readying the trees for the winter. They change, but our God does not.
As I breath in the crisp morning air, I breath out a thank you to Him-for another day of life, eyes to see, His love surrounding me. Folks, it is I that needs to change.

One more time let's take a look at this psalm, one of my favorites. I like to read in Sarah Young's devotional book, Jesus Calling, for she writes it from the perspective of Jesus speaking to us. Here are some of her writings on this chapter, from different days of daily readings:
  • Come into My Presence with thanksgiving, desiring to be transformed. (I read in our Bible study book, in talking about Matthew 6:10, "We are constantly praying for Him to change something." Maybe what needs to be transformed or changed is us.) 
  • When you worship Me in spirit and truth, you join with choirs of angels who are continually before My throne. Though you cannot hear their voices, your praise and thanksgiving are distinctly audible in heaven. Your petitions are also heard, but it is your gratitude that clears the way to My Heart.
  • Thankfulness opens the door to My Presence. It is built on a substructure of trust. When thankful words stick in your throat, you need to check up on your foundation of trust. I want you to learn the art of giving thanks in all circumstances. See how many times you can thank Me daily; this will awaken your awareness to a multitude of blessings.
  • Let thankfulness rule in your heart. Instead of trying to be in control, you focus on Me and what I am doing. Enjoy abundant life by overflowing with praise and thankfulness.
Sunday, I read in our Bible study book comments about Matthew 6:10, "We are constantly praying for Him to change something"
Maybe what needs to be transformed or changed is us, our attitudes and views. Shall we look for the gifts we have received and be thankful today?


I woe my all to You, Jesus. I'm in awe of You. At the cross, I surrender my life. Yes, I owe all to Jesus!

When we realize that God created us and gives us all we have, we will want to give to others as God gave to us. 2 Corinthians 9:8 says, And God is able to make every grace overflow to you, so that in every way always having everything you need, you may excel in every good work. (Life Application Study Bible)

With God's grace, let us excel in every good work today, giving thanks and praise to God the Father of Lights.


Change my heart O God, make it every true; change my heart O God, may I be like You Jesus.
Open my eyes and heart to see the good gifts You have bestowed upon me, a sinner.
Glory to You name on high, my El Shaddai.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Sing and Serve Joyfully

O. T. #1315  "Sing and Serve Joyfully"
Oct. 29, 2018
Psalm 100-Part 2

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
Serve the LORD with gladness; come before His presence with singing.
Know ye that the LORD He is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; for we are His people, and the sheep of His pastures.
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.
For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations.
Psalm 100:1-5


From David's song, what do we learn about our God?
  • The LORD HE is God. Jehovah is God alone and is worthy of praise.  
  • He made us. God is our Creator. We did not evolve from monkeys. 
  • We are His people. Whether we are Gentile or Jewish blood, God chose us to be His child. 
  • We are the sheep of His pasture. He is our Good Shepherd. He leads and we follow. 
  • He is good. 
  • God is everlastingly merciful. 
  • His truth endures to all generations.              

Do you know our loving God?  He provides, protects, and guides His children. The best gift of all is Jesus, His Son.


What is David telling us believers to do?

  • Make a joyful noise unto the Lord  Whether it is a glad shout or a worshipful song of praise, everyone should do it  
  • Serve Him with gladness  With a sense of gratefulness we are to serve God in whatever we are doing. 
  • Come before His presence with singing. With lips of thanksgiving we are to sing from our heart. 
  • Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Together we worship the live of our heart. 
  • Be thankful unto Him and bless His name. 

Is there a theme here? David tells us to give thanks and sing praises unto our Merciful God. 
His truth endures to all generations. When we are gone from this world, it will remain.

Sing, serve, and worship God with my heart of joy today.
Know beyond any doubt that the Lord is God.
Sing loudly praises to my Savior wherever I go.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Giving Thanks

O. T. #1314  "Giving Thanks"
Oct. 26, 2018
Psalm 100
Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.  (verse 4)

It's time to do something different here.
In our key verse, the word thanksgiving refers to an extension of the hand; adoration; praise; thanks; confession; a choir of worshipers.
Praise is a hymn of praise.
Bless refers to kneel; to bless God (as an act of adoration); salute; thank.

So come on folks, join me as we enter the gates and courts of the holy sanctuary of our God. Let us enter with thanksgiving and praise, giving thanks and blessing His name.

First, let us enter with our hands raised, adoring our Savior, Jesus Christ, the One who gave His life to pay for our sins.
Next, let us sing a song of praise to our God, Creator and Sustainer of our life.
Then, let us kneel before our King of kings and Lord of lords, giving Him thanks.

I have already done this before even beginning to write this. I wonder if y'all will join me today by adding 10 things to our list for which you are thankful to God. I'm not sure if it will work, but let's try to keep adding to it until we have written 100 things.

With a thankful heart,


O. T. #1313  "Terrible"
Oct. 25, 2018
Psalm 99
Let them praise Thy great and terrible name: for it is holy.  Psalm 99:3


Words are different nowadays that in biblical times. Take the word terrible for instance. Today it refers to not being good, awful, but was not so back in the Hebrew language. Continue reading to find out its meaning back them.

This is the last of the series of royal psalms (93-99). They celebrate and prophetically announce the millennial reign of Christ. He shall reign upon the earth:
  • with holiness; (verses 3,5,9)
  • high above all the people; (verse 2)
  • with a great and terrible name; (verse 3) Terrible means to revere; reverence.
  • in Zion, Jerusalem, the center of His kingdom and government; (verse 2)
  • with justice and fairness. (verse 4)
The Hebrew writers so reverenced as holy the name of God that they would not speak nor write it. In it's place they used the 4 letters YHWH, which was Jehovah or YAHWEH. (Liberty Bible Commentary)

Does it upset us whenever someone uses the holy name of our God in an irreverent way, even cursing? I often tell them to not talk about my Heavenly Father in such a way.


In the first verse, David tells the people to tremble. Tremble, in the Hebrew language, means to quiver, be afraid, stand in awe.

We are to praise His name and exalt His name and worship the LORD our God. What do we learn that Moses, Aaron, and the Prophet Samuel did?
  • They all witnessed the judgments of God in their lifetimes.
  • They called upon the name of the LORD.
  • He answered them. (verse 6)
  • They kept His testimonies and ordinances.
  • God forgave them, yet punished them when they went wrong. (1 Samuel 8)
So let us tremble as we worship our Lord Jesus, standing in awe of Him.


Be the King of my heart, King Jesus for You are good and awesome to me.
I praise Your Holy Name!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Joy to the World

O. T. #1312  "Joy to the World"
Oct 24, 2018
Psalm 98
Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise. Psalm 98:4


Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare him room. And heaven and nature sing. And heaven and nature sing. And heaven and heaven and nature sing.

It is time to sing Joy to the world and not wait until December. Our Savior has come! Share the good news. Help hearts to prepare to make room for Jesus in their heart and life. It is time to praise our King, for we enjoy such marvelous blessings from Him.

Again, David says to sing unto the Lord a new song.
  • He has done marvelous things. Marvelous refers to separate, distinguish, wondrous.
  • His right hand won a mighty victory.
  • His holy arm has shown His saving power.
  • He has made known His righteousness to every nation.
  • He has remembered His promise to love and be faithful to Israel.
  • The ends of the earth have seen the victory of our God.
Has God done marvelous and wondrous things in our lives and others around us? He has sustained the lives of several within my community-a man with breast cancer, an older woman with a cancerous brain tumor.
Does God do marvelous things for us each day? He rescues us from our sinful ways, gives salvation free to us, daily renews our breath of life, provides us with food, clothing, and shelter. Then there are our families,  friends, and coworkers.


Can we make a joyful noise unto the Lord today? Rejoice. Sing our King with praises using a harp, trumpets, and cornets?
Jesus will receive this praise during His Kingly millennial reign. He will judge the world with justice and the nations with fairness.


Share the Joy of Jesus with the world today.
Tell of the marvelous things He has done.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Walking Joyfully

O. T. #1311  "Walking Joyfully"
Oct. 23, 2018
Psalm 97
Light shines on the godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right.  Psalm 97:11 NLT


Previously, we learned how to praise God through singing about Him, telling others about Him, worshiping only Him, giving Him glory, giving offerings, and living holy lives. Today's psalm relates to Jehovah reigning in the world. His first coming was in the physical form of Christ as a babe in Bethlehem. His second coming to earth will be at His taking the church out (rapture) before the 7 years of Tribulation period. Then Christ will reign for a thousand years. (Of course, that belief is if you are a pre-trib believer, as I am.)

As Christ reigns on earth during the millennial, there will be:
  • rejoicing and gladness; (verse 1)
  • clouds and darkness around Him because of His unapproachable holiness; (verse 2)
  • righteousness and justice  are the foundation of His throne; (verse 2)
  • fire spreads ahead of Him and burns up all His foes; (verse 3)
  • lightning flashes across the world. (verse 4)
  • protection for His godly people and rescues them from the power of the wicked; (verse 10)
  • light shining on the godly; (verse 11)
  • joy on those whose hearts are right.
Verse 9 says, For You, O LORD, are supreme over all the earth.

So if we desire joy in our heart, Jesus should be supreme over all of our life, right? If our purpose is to please our God, then our desires ought to be aligned with His desires. We will love what God loves and hate what He hates-love the Lord and hate evil.
Are we, do we, will we?


Lydia Brownback says in her book, Sing a New Song:

The light that God provides to the righteous in verse 10 has to do with guidance. Even though He shrouded Himself in dark clouds. He lit the path of His people along ways broad and joy-filled rather than narrow and restrictive. At the coming of Jesus, the darkness that hid God's glory was forever lifted.  "I am the light of the world," He said. "Whosoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Are we walking along the path He has lit for us? Is Jesus who or what lights our world? Then we will have joy walking along with Him on that path. Is our heart humble before Him? He deserves our awe and love.


Walk in the light Jesus has given us through His Word.
Trust Him each step of my life.
Be supreme over all my life.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Rejoicing Trees

O. T. #1310  "Rejoicing Trees"
Oct. 22, 2018
Psalm 96-Part 2


Having grown up on a farm, and now living there, I seem to have a special awareness and appreciation for God's creation. In the mornings, I often look out the front door window. The other day was no different. What did I see? A beautiful picture-perfect, and overwhelming scenery. The sun was shining ever so brightly upon the green leaves of the oak trees at the edge of the woods. The background was a dark blue sky. It was as if the trees were pointing upward to their Creator, swaying slightly as they praised Him. So I tell the Lord how majestic He is in all His awesome creation. Then I can't resist singing His praises. Rejoicing trees will not be an unusual sight, according to David today.

In verse 9 and 10a, David says, O worship the LORD in the beauty of His holiness: fear before Him, all the earth. Say among the heathen that the Lord reigneth...

When Christ comes to reign as King and establishes His kingdom on earth during the Millennium, then there will be rejoicing. What does David say to let happen?
Let the:
  • heavens rejoice;
  • earth be glad;
  • sea roar and the fullness thereof;
  • all the trees of the wood rejoice before the LORD.
Can you picture the great symphony of nature joyfully shouting praises to their Creator? All of creation will have reason to rejoice,. Those who have experienced the grace of God in salvation will rejoice, also.

It will happen as when Samaria received the gospel, there was great joy in that city. (Acts 8:8)

Christ will come conquering, judging, and peaceably.
Shall we practice praising Him now, ahead of time? Do we see Him in every little thing around us? The love of Jesus is surrounding us. Can we feel it?


In verse 10, we are told to tell the heathen  that the Lord reigneth. His kingdom will be established and He shall judge the world with righteousness.

Jesus is coming soon. Are our loved ones ready? He will never let us go. We are never separated from our Savior. He is our source of hope.


                     ... rejoicing.
                     ... being glad.
                     ... rising up and shouting praise to Jesus.
                     ... clapping my hands with joy in my heart.
Jesus is alive and rules forever!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Sing a New Song

O. T. #1309  "Sing a New Song"
Oct. 19, 2018
Psalm 96
O sing unto the LORD a new song... Psalm 96:1a


As I sit here typing, I join in singing praise songs playing on the radio. Sometimes I even make up my own words of praise and sing them to the familiar tunes being played. It frees my heart and lifts up my spirit to sing praises to my Lord Jesus. After all, we are told to do so-sing the Lord a new song.


Singing comes from the heart, a joyful heart. David must have had a joyful heart when he wrote these words.

As we are singing unto the Lord, let us proclaim:
  • The Lord is great.
  • He is most worthy of praise.
  • He is to be feared above all gods, which are only idols made of wood, stones, and nothings not alive.
  • Creator God deserves honor, majesty, for strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.
So let us not just sing about our Awesome God, but sing to Him praises.


We know that David liked singing unto the Lord. He used his harp while watching over the grazing sheep. He composed the majority of the psalms we are reading. In today's chapter,  he calls upon Israel and everyone on the earth to sing unto God. What else does he say we are to do?
  • Sing the Lord a new song. (verse 1)
  • Bless/praise His name. (verse 2)
  • Each day proclaim the good news that Jesus saves. (verse 2)
  • Declare/publish His good deeds among the nations. (verse 3)
  • Tell everyone of the wonders/amazing things He does. (verse 3)
  • Give unto the Lord glory and strength (with boldness, force, loud). (verse 7)
  • Give Him glory due His name. (verse 8)
  • Bring an offering and come into His courts. (verse 8)
  • Worship Him in all His holy splendor. (verse 9)
  • Fear/tremble before Him. (verse 9)
  • Tell the nations that the Lord reigns. (verse 10)
  • Warn others that Jesus Christ shall judge the people righteously. (verse 10)
Folks, let nothing steal our joy today. No matter the valleys we are in or the mountains we are struggling to climb, sing about the sweet salvation we have. Clap your hands and stop your feet, find that gospel beat. Got an old church choir singing in our soul? I love that song.


Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wrench like me!
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


O. T. #1308  "Come"
Oct. 18, 2018
Psalm 95
Blessed be the LORD, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.
Psalm 68:19
Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Psalm 103:1
O give thanks unto the LORD, for His is good; for His mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 107:1
O sing unto the LORD a new song...Psalm 96:1a


This psalm may have been composed by David for the Feast of the Tabernacles. During that observance, the Israelites lived in booths, humbly remembering God's provisions for their ancestors in the wilderness. Also, it can be in reference to the exalting of Christ the Messiah.

The psalmist tells us to come and sing unto the Lord and give thanks unto Him. the idea is not that we are in want, but that we give to Him.
Why are we to do so?

1.  He is a great God, a great King above all gods, and sovereign Lord of all.(verse 3)
      Adam Clarke notes,
The Supreme Being has three names here: El, Jehovah, and Elohim, and we should apply none of these to false gods. The first implies His strength; the second, His being and essence; the third, His covenant relation to mankind.
2. He has great power, which is above all counterfeit deities.
3. He has great possessions-Creator of all and owner of all.
4. He has dominion over us as well as all creatures and preserves us.
[Resource: Matthew Henry's Commentary]

Also, Christ is our Good Shepherd and we are His sheep. He is the One who created, redeemed, and made us the people of His pasture. (verse 7)
Will we allow Him to lead us as shepherds lead their sheep to green pastures and cool waters of love and peace?
In verse 1, God is our Rock of our salvation. As the water came from the rock in the wilderness and supplied them with physical refreshment, so Jesus, our Rock, gives us spiritual refreshment.


Did you notice a word that is repeated three times? It is the word come, which is used in verses 1, 2, and 6. In the Hebrew language, different words are used for our word come in this chapter.

In verse 1, we are to come and sing unto the Lord with a joyful noise. This come means to walk; come away.
As Christians we are to leave our world and go to a place that is set apart into God.

In verse 2, we are to come before His presence with thanksgiving. Come means to meet; anticipate; hasten.

Thankfulness lifts you up above your circumstances. Because God is from whom all blessings flow, thankfulness is the best way to draw near to Him. (Sarah Young)

Do we thank God for His blessings, naming them one by one, as we worship Him?

In verse 6, we are to come worship and bow down, kneeling before the Lord our Maker. Come in this verse means abide; enter; give.

When we bow down, we are humbling our self before a Holy God. We are portraying our position as the created one before the Creator.

Verses 10 and 11 changes the speaker to being God, who was grieved 40 years because His people had to wander in the wilderness and die there due to a hardened heart, without faith in Him. So when we hear His voice, let us not harden our heart. We His people are to hear, not harden when He cries out.


Bless the Lord, oh my soul;
worship His holy name;
sing like never before;
I worship Your holy name-King Jesus.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life's Lessons

O. T. #1307  "Life's Lessons"
Oct. 17, 2018
Psalm 94


David is crying out for the Lord's vengeance upon the oppressors of the righteous. Then he concludes that God's righteousness shall be manifested ultimately. So let's jump forward to some instruction first.
Are we happy whenever the Lord chasteneth us? David says we are blessed, which means happy.

Chasteneth means instruct, correct, teach, punish.

Guess I had not thought about it much. Truthfully, when troubles come, I usually grumble instead of looking for a lesson from the Lord, which I need to learn. Chastening goes hand in hand with His teaching out of God's law. (verse 12)

The book and the rod, the law and chastening go together. Trials and afflictions are but a means to an end, and the end is rest from our labors (Hebrews 4:9). (Falwell)

Here are some ideas on the subject by Matthew Henry:
  • The afflictions of the saints are a mark of our adoption as a child of God.
  • When we are under divine discipline, none teaches like God.
  • When we are chastened we must pray to be taught, and look into the law as the best expositor of Providence.
  • Adversities may be many and long, but shall be numbered and finished in due time, and shall not last always.
  • He that sends trouble will send the rest, that He may comfort them according to the time He has afflicted them.
  • Being reformed and relieved, affliction, so that having done its work, may be removed.
Let me tell you, I want to be a fast learner. Lord, teach me the lesson You have for me to learn, but can it be a little faster? In due time. Help me get it the first time so this problem doesn't have to be repeated.

Quite often now that I am older, my afflictions involve being sick. My body is weak due to autoimmune diseases. I recognize that is my fate. So when I am down, resting, I try to spend my time wisely by reading God's Word and Christian writings. That time is used in an attempt to find and learn the lesson He has for me to learn and apply. Not that I enjoy being down, mind you. Sometimes I wish God would just pull back my scalp and pour  in the lesson. That would be easier, but rather silly. Not His method.

What has God used to teach you some lesson lately? In due time, dear one, rest will come. In the meantime, look and listen to Him. The good news is that He will get us through this. Keep praying and learning with me. Hey, we are being prepared for heaven. It ain't over yet.

Verse 14 says, For the LORD will not cast off His people, neither will He forsake His inheritance.



Lord, how long:
  • shall the wicked triumph?
  • will they be allowed to gloat?
  • will they speak in arrogance?
  • will these evil people boast?
David is saying that the wicked:
*crush Your people, hurting those You claim as Your own;
* kill widows, orphans, and foreigners;
*say that You are not looking and don't care what they do;

God punishes the nations and He will punish the evil ones. He knows everything, evil what they do. He knows people's thoughts. (verses 10 and 11)

Don't we see this happening in the world today?


Lord, may You take revenge, not me.
Thank You for delivering me and choosing me to be Your child.
Keep teaching me, Jesus, the lesson in life that I need to learn and apply.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Sure Deal

O. T. #1306  "A Sure Deal"
Oct. 16, 2018
Psalm 93


People today seem to be looking for a sure deal, something or someone on whom they can depend. David found it all in the Sovereign reigning God over the world and all His creation.

Nothing is more powerful than the Lord; nothing is more steadfast than His reign; and nothing is more sure than His revelation. (MacArthur)

Colossians 1:16-17 tell us: For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: are things were created by Him and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.

That is reassurance, steadfastness, and the One in whom we can depend. In this short psalm, David is praising the King Jehovah, the Messiah, the Creator, who reigns over His kingdom.

How does He reign? Matthew Henry's Commentary explains:
  1. The Lord reigns gloriously: clothed in majesty. (verse 1)
  2. He reigns powerfully, clothed with strength. (verse 1)
  3. He reigns eternally. (verse 2)
  4. He reigns triumphantly. (verses 3 and 4)
  5. He reigns in truth and holiness. (verse 5)
This is what we should be teaching our children. The One who created all things maintains them, and loves us, in spite of our sins. He is a good Heavenly Father and we are loved by Him. Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords.


Verse 3 tells us that the floods have lifted up their voice and their waves. Satan's rebellion has resulted in hatred for God and the ones He loves, us.
It has been Satan's design to thwart God's purposes and to usurp His throne. (Falwell)

God is an eternal King, not a temporary one. He is always in control and no one can corrupt His perfect plan nor change things. I find that is comforting to know. It frees us to let go of control and seek His will.

Verse 5 says that holiness is the beauty of God's house for all the days to come.

Life Application Study Bible teaches us:
The atmosphere of God's eternal reign is holiness. Holiness will be the oxygen of heaven. Meanwhile, God's perfect moral character highlights His glory and can be seen everywhere. God will never do anything that is not morally perfect. This reassures us that we can trust Him, yet it places demand on us. Our desire to be holy (dedicated to God and morally clean) is our only suitable response. We must never use unholy means to reach a holy goal because God says, Be holy because I, Yahweh your God, am holy. (Leviticus 19:2)


Live in assurance that God is a sure deal.
Reign in my live, King Jesus.
Help me to live holy unto You.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Be Strong as a Tree

O. T. #1305  "Be Strong as a Tree"
Oct. 15, 2018
Psalm 92-Part 2


As I look out my window, I can see a pine tree that stood strong amidst the 90 mph winds so long ago. The top was snapped off, resulting in the whole tree dying, but it was not uprooted like others in the fields. It stood firm then and still now, even though all leaves are gone.
I want to be as strong as this tree, with my roots grounded in the Word of God, my faith growing stronger daily, my trust in Jesus that will never end. The psalmist does, too.

Taking a look at verses 12-15, we read of a description of the godly:
  • will flourish like palm trees;
  • will grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon;
  • are transplanted to the LORD's own house;
  • flourish in the courts of our God;
  • even in old age they will produce fruit;
  • remain vital and green;
  • will declare, The LORD is just! He is my rock! There is no evil in Him!
Is our dwelling in the secret place of the Most High? We will bear spiritual fruit whenever we do, even in our old age. So let us give thanks and sing praises to His name. Are you a child of God, friend? You can be through Jesus Christ, for He is the only way to God.


Though the wicked sprout like weeds and evil doers flourish, they will be destroyed forever. (verse 7)
The enemies of the Lord will surely perish; all evil doers will be scattered. (verse 9)
We will see the downfall of our enemies and hear the defeat of our wicked opponents. (verse 11)

Isn't it sad that the evil ones in this world will not submit unto our Lord Jesus? That their destiny is doom? However, we can pray for their eyes to be opened and their hardened heart be softened unto repentance. Let us continue to show God's lovingkindness and faithfulness.


Be planted in the house of the Lord.
Be strong as trees in swaying in the wind.
Produce fruit of the Spirit.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Give Thanks

O. T. #1304  " Give Thanks"
Oct. 11, 2018
Psalm 92
O LORD, how great are Thy works! And Thy thoughts are very deep. Psalm 92:5


Do you see it-God's powerful works in the world and in our own lives? It was obvious with the powerful 155 mph winds of the hurricane on Wednesday. And then there was the sweet young deer that ran out into the dark road at my husband's door as we went down our country road. It ran along beside us, then as we slowed down, it ran in front, turning into our yard. Had we been a few seconds later, our truck would have killed it.

This psalm was composed for joyful singing on the Sabbath during Israel's worship. It is one of the praise psalms or thanksgiving psalms. They were sung to express the greatness of their God.

The works of Jehovah are great in number, great in design, great in glory, and great in consequence. (Falwell)


According to this psalm, what should we believers be doing?
  • give thanks to the Lord; (verse 1)
  • song His praises;
  • proclaim God's unfailing love in the morning; (verse 2)
  • and His faithfulness in the evening;
  • use instruments to do so; (verse 3)
  • sing for joy because of what He has done; (verse 4)
  • exalt the Lord forever; (verse 8) 
We can never give enough thanks to our God. It is not just for the old, but also for the young. It is not just for Thanksgiving Day, but for everyday.

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out!  Romans 11:33


Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good. His mercies endure forever.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Troubles and Vultures

O. T. #1303  "Troubles and Vultures"
Oct. 11, 2018
Psalm 91-Part 4
He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation. Psalm 91:15-16


The other morning my husband called to come look out the window. There was a vulture sitting high up in the dead pine tree in our yard. What a sight. Now I got to thinking, that scavenger may have been waiting for my kittens to leave the front porch and it would snatch it up for a meal, leaving me with one less kitten. (My husband told me they only eat dead animals, but I wasn't going take any chances.) That was not going to happen. Not on my watch. So this mamma went out to the yard and made all kinds of noise. It flew away. So far, there has not been a return of the vulture.

Troubles can be like a vulture that lurks around us, waiting to snatch up our faith, right? What can we do? Here's the thing, the one who takes up residence in the secret place of God, will have angels, even a guardian angel, caring over them. We found that in verse 11. Satan loves to place snares in our path to cause us to stumble into sin and stray away for our God. But when we set our love upon God, He will deliver us. He said so in verse 14.

Here are more promises from our Heavenly Father:
  • That is when we can call upon God and He will answer us.
  • God will be with us in our time of trouble.
  • I will deliver him.
  • I will honor him.
Look at this believers in Jesus. Deliverance while we are in trouble and out of trouble is promised. We will experience God's gracious presence while we are in troubles, His Word and Holy Spirit will strengthen, support, and comfort us.
Paul received sufficient grace (2 Cor. 12:9) His thorn in the flesh was not removed. He endured whatever it was for the glory of God. This man made three missionary journeys and a find journey to Rome, sharing the love of Christ abroad. What an example for us to endure our troubles.

Jeremiah 33:3 says, Call upon Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things.

The key is for us to call upon God. Stop taking it into our own hands to solve the problem. (Speaking to myself) don't we want to see our God doing great and mighty things in our life? Hmm. Yes sir!

Another thing, the one who honors God with their life and love, who is willing to forsake this world, will ultimately be honored by God. Can't get any better, folks.

All God's children singing, "Glory, glory, hallelujah He reigns!"


What is another promise for us that is found in verse 16? We will be rewarded with a long life and His salvation at the end of it.

In the New Testament, Simeon was not only blessed with a long life, but he also saw the salvation of the Lord whenever he saw baby Jesus, the Messiah.

To see the salvation of God is to see beyond today and to know that, "...the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18).

We are on our way to a better country, heaven. So let us keep our heart and treasure focused on heaven today. Spending our investment on spiritual things is going to be rewarded. One day will be our last one to live here. Then we will be transported to our eternal home.


Invest my time, money, and life on eternal things.
Thank You Jesus that I can call upon You and get answers to my prayers.
You always deliver me.
Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In Need of Reassurance

O. T. #1302  "In Need of Reassurance"
Oct. 10, 2018
Psalm 91-Part 3
For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.  Psalm 91:11


So I have to share an amazing thing the Lord has done this past week. A lady in our church found out she had a fast-growing malignant tumor in her brain. The next week she had it removed and is doing amazingly well. Her son in law is a deacon in our church. Now this is the family that lost a newborn grandbaby last year. Truly, this family has seen enough of their share of troubles, but their faith remains strong. Glory to God! They have the reassurance of God keeping them in all their ways.

When we are willing to take up our residence in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty, we are assured of round the clock protection from the devil and his demons.
What kind of protection does God promise us?
  •  robbers at night (verse 5)
  • warfare by day (verse 5)
  • the grim reaper stalking the night looking for victims (verse 6)
  • a sunstroke in the daylight (verse 6)
  • untouched by ten thousand who seek to destroy us (verse 7)
  • no evil can conquer us nor any plague will come near our home (verse 10)
  • constant care by angels who will protect us wherever we go (verse 11)
Anyone in need of reassurance? Isn't that reassuring? Isn't He a good, good Father? That should lift us up today and set us on the rough road we face that is ahead of us. Ten thousand will not destroy us.


The Lord says, "I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in My name."
(verse 14)

Do we run to Jesus in time of trouble? Are we setting our constant love upon Him? Are we in the secret place? When we do, then this will happen:
  • He will protect us.
  • When we call upon Him, He will answer.
  • He will be with us when in trouble.
  • He will rescue and honor us.
  • We will be rewarded with a long life and salvation. (verses 14-16)

He is everything that I ever need-just give me Jesus. What a song! Trust Him today.
His promises stand. We are still in His hands.
Dear one, Jesus has never failed me yet. and He won't fail you either. Sometimes things turn out differently than what we prayed, but that is okay. He knows best.


Trust Jesus with whatever.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Do You Need Rescued Today?

O. T. #1300  "Do You Need Rescued Today?"
Oct. 9, 2018
Psalm 91-Part 2
I will say unto the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Psalm 91:2


Do you need rescued, freed, or saved today? Is your life falling apart at the seams?  It is a cold world out there, full of selfish people. I don't pretend to have it all together, nor to have all the answers, but I know the One who does. Today's psalm helps us.

It is while in the secret place of the Most His God, where the psalmist is abiding under the shadow of the Almighty, that he says unto the Lord four things:
  1. You are my refuge-a shelter, hope, trust.
  2. You are my fortress-defense, strong hold, strong place;
  3. You are my God-Supreme God (Elohiym);
  4. I trust in You.

If you are like me, I am always in need of a refuge and fortress, a place where I can find hope and a place of defense. (This old world can easily get me down.)We find it in our God, the strength that we lack. Did you notice that the psalmist made it personal by using the word my?  God wants to have a personal relationship with us. The Most High and Almighty God desires to converse with little ole you and me. How astounding! Now that is grace and mercy flowing from the throne as we trust in Jesus.
Are we trusting in Him, seeking Him?


For He will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. (verse 3, NLT)

Do you need rescued today? Here is another one of God's promises. Those that take refuge in God will be freed from the hands of the wicked and unreasonable, and the temptations of Satan. The protection of God is what we need to live in this world so we hear, "Well done, My child."


                             ... and let God be my shelter, stronghold, hope.
                                ... and put my trust in Almighty God today.
                                ... ask Him to protect me from deadly diseases.  

Monday, October 8, 2018

Secret Place

O. T. #1300  "Secret Place"
Oct. 8, 2018
Psalm 91
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  Psalm 91:1


Where is your secret place, hiding place? When I was a kid, who had been disciplined, I ran to my hiding place, the closet, and cried. I was alone there. Finally, Mom would come and talk to me there.
We can have a secret place today as an adult.

This is a psalm of comfort. It offers us some sweet promises of our God.  Just look at the first verse. Here are some key words that are significant to us as believers in Christ. Here are the meanings in the Hebrew language:

Dwelleth means to sit down; in quiet; to remain; inhabit; make to keep (house); (bring again to) place, return; remain; sit; settle; sit down still; a sitting place; tarry.

Secret refers to a cover; protection; hiding place.

Abide is to stop; to stay permanently; abide all night; cause to lodge all night; remain; tarry.

Shadow is a defense.

Let's break it down. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High...

If we sit down in a quiet place, remain there, tarry, in the hiding place of protection of God, then what will happen? Now, we have to make a deliberate and conscience effort to get there. Dear friend, we will be met by our loving God there and welcomed inside. His peace will be found as we converse.

Jerry Falwell explained it this way in Liberty Bible Commentary:
This is a great promise of blessing to believers. Yet, the promise is not made to all who believe, but only to those who are willing to make their abode in the secret place, to sit down or take up residence there. The words shall abide signify pass the night. They imply a constant and continuous dwelling, and not just as temporary visitation during trouble or calamity. Psalm 91 is a promise to those who take up residence in the secret place.
So could  this phrase refer to us having a quiet time to pray to the Most High God, entering into the Holy of Holies (being covered with the blood of Jesus), to converse with Him? We can enter anytime, anywhere. He is only a breath or thought away. If we need to cry out to God all night, He is there listening to us.


... shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

When we dwell in that place, we are going to be protected with the defense of the Almighty. Do we even stop and consider His defense? He has thousands of angels equipped to fight for us. We have seen evidences of God's strength in the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunami. (People call them acts of nature.) This is the God that we can converse with, dear one. Bring those troubles to Him. He can melt them like wax in heat.
 Jesus defeated the devil's temptations in the wilderness with God's Word, which is the Truth. The Holy Spirit gives us strength to carry on, take the next step.


Make my abode with God every day, all day long.
Bring my requests in the secret place of the Most High.
Stay under the shadow of the Almighty.
Keep my sins confessed up.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Work That is Blessed

O. T. #1299  "Work That is Blessed"
Oct. 5, 2018
Psalm 90-Part 2


Work that lasts? Ladies, I know our work involves dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dirty bathrooms, and dirty floors. They keep demanding our time and energy every week, and often in between. Certainly, woman's work is never done. Yet, our work is for a purpose-meeting the needs of our family and honoring God. Are we giving our best in whatever our hands find to do? What is our attitude? Now, sometimes our work does not involve our hands, but in giving of our time and showing love  to another in need. Is our work blessed? Does it have eternal value?

While in the wilderness, Moses wrote this psalm, a prayer. In the last verse, he says, And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us.

The word beauty means splendor, grace.

Even though Moses' generation would not see the Promised Land, he prayed for God to bless them with his grace. David said earlier that the one thing he desired was to behold the beauty of the Lord (Ps. 27:4). One day we will see the beauty of the Lord and be like Him (1 John 3:1-2). Can you imagine that? In my wildest dreams I can't imagine Jesus standing in the purity and splendor of His holiness.

Matthew Henry explains: Holiness is the beauty of the Lord. Let that be upon us in all we say and do; let the grace of God be in us, and the light of our good works, make our faces to shine (the comeliness God puts upon us), then let divine consolations put gladness into our hearts, and a luster upon our countenances.

Does he mean for us to have a smile upon our face, a gladness in our heart, and our countenance to be shining, which is the source of God's beauty?


Moses' prayer continued: And may the Lord our God show us His approval and make our efforts successful. (verse 17)

When our endeavors to serve God are done, a task completed, we wait upon Him to bring success. When He is leading our hands, He gets the glory.

My hope rests in the willing, faithful, powerful, and loving presence of God with me. (Paul David Tripp)

God's approval yields successful efforts. Let us be open to His leading.


It is well with my soul.
Lead me to do Your will, Your way.
May what I do last for eternity.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Secret Life

O. T. #1298  "A Secret Life"
Oct. 4, 2018
Psalm 90


We change authors now. Moses wrote this prayer during the 40 years he wandered with Israel in the wilderness. Israel had refused to follow God and Moses (except for Joshua and Caleb), so those 20 years and older did not get to enter the Promised Land. What was it that sustained Moses all those years? It was faith in his God.
In Deuteronomy 33:27, we read his words, The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee: and shall say, Destroy them.
 What sustains you and me?

In his prayer here, Moses declared this:
  • God is eternal and everlasting, has no beginning or end. (verse 2)
  • He is Creator of the earth and mountains and God before it all existed.
  • He has been a refuge, dwelling place, for people throughout all generations. (verse 1)
  • God turns frail people to dust after death. (verse 3)
  • A thousand years is but a day, a brief few night hours to Him. (verse 4) 
  • He sweeps our life away from the earth like our dreams disappear, grass springing up in the morning and withering in the hot sun. (verses 5-6)
We are mere mortals, so our time on earth is limited and was established before the foundations of the world. Yet, we are immortal in that our soul lives forever. In contrast, the Eternal God . If we want to spend our eternal life with God, then we must come to Jesus for salvation provided by Him.
We recognize that God created time and gave it as a gift to us. What are we doing with this gift? What do I want to see happen in my life before I die?


Secret sins-God sees them as well as our open sins. Folks, one day secret sins will be brought out into the light, if we don't confess them ahead of time. Christians need to be careful that they don't get hooked on porn, elicit sex, underhanded business deals, living a secret life. We can't cover up our sins. Only the blood of Jesus can do that. I try to live as though Jesus was walking with me all day long. After all, He sees and hears all I say and do.


Thank You God for being my refuge; for holding my eternal life in Your hands; for forgiveness of my sins. May I honor You today. Help my secret life and public life be pleasing to You.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Not One Word is Taken Back

O. T. #1297  "Not One Word is Taken Back"
Oct. 3, 2018
Psalm 89-Part 4


What you said hurt my feelings. Take it back. Of course we can't take back our words once they have exited our mouth, but we can be sorry for them. Words. They can be encouraging or hurtful.

Never break faith. Do not go back on your word. Once You have made a commitment, said you would do thus and so, then do it. If we can't be taken as faithful to our word, then what do we have?
As believers in Jesus, we bring Him honor when we keep our word. Today, we read of someone who keeps His word. Read on to find out who it is, friend.

No matter how the descendants of David had acted and strayed from God, God remained faithful and merciful. He told them:
  • God's lovingkindness would never fail, for He would never stop loving David's family.
  • He faithfulness would not fail.
  • Jehovah would keep His covenant with David. He would not take back a single word. (verse 34)
  • He sworn an oath to David and in His holiness, God cannot lie. He could swear by none greater than Himself. (verse 35)
  • David's seed, dynasty, would go on (through Jesus Christ) forever.
  • As long as the sun and moon exist, his kingdom will be. (verse 36)
Israel did disobey, evil ran rampant, the nation was divided, exile came-but through it all, a remnant of God's people remained faithful. Even through their disobedience and punishment, God would never break faith with them. Centuries later, the Messiah arrived, the eternal King from David's line, just as God had promised. All that God promises, He fulfills. He will not take back even one word of what He says. God can always be trusted to save us as He promised He would (Hebrews 6:13-18). God is completely reliable. (Life Application Study Bible)

I see You in everything, all day. Every beat of my heart keeps reminding me. What a song!


Remember how short my time is. (verse 47)

It seems just yesterday that happened. I now understand what is meant by that statement. Time is running by so fast. Months and years keep coming as fast as the odometer on the car turns with the miles traveled. What are we accomplishing during this short time on earth, in this short lifetime?
Even when we turn 60, don't sit down and leave the good works to the younger ones. Let me challenge us to use our wisdom and share God's faithfulness. The youngin's need to hear it. They need to see us walking by faith through the trials of this life. Teach them to pray and cherish God's Word.


Look around and see the faithfulness of my God.
Keep my word.
Serve the Lord with gladness today.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Walking in the Light of His Presence

O. T. #1296  "Walking in the Light of His Presence"
Oct. 1, 2018
Psalm 89-part 3


There are several statements by the psalmist that are worth noting:
  • God is righteousness, justice, love, and truth. (verse 14)
  • He is Creator of the heavens, world and everything in it, earth, the seas, and the mountains. (verse 11-12)
  • The Lord is our defense and our king. (verse 18)
  • Faithfulness and mercy shall be with us. (verse 24)
  • He will never stop loving us, nor fail to keep His promises. (verse 33)
These seem to put things in their right perspective. God is our Creator, who does what is right, loves us, exhibits faithfulness, and mercy. He keeps His promises and never takes back His Word.

As God's ambassadors, we should exhibit the same traits when we deal with people. Make sure your actions flow out of righteousness, justice, love, and truth, because any unfair, unloving, or dishonest action cannot come from God. (Life Application Study Bible)

Will we take this challenge today?


Want to be happy? Verse 15 provides the way: Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of Your presence, LORD.

MacArthur describes it this way, "This refers to a cheer, a shout of joyful homage to God."

Israel shouted for joy when victories over their enemies came, when their sacrifices were acceptable, and at their feasts and celebrations.

Are we joyfully worshiping God today? When our life pleases God, we will have a joyful heart. Are we walking in the light of His presence? Are we obeying His Word?
I want to walk in the light of the Lord's presence, so I can whenever I joyfully worship Him.


I praise Your great name, King Jesus.
Help me be joyful when I worship You.
May I and my friends walk in the light of Your presence today?


O. T. #1295  "Faithfulness"
Oct. 1, 2018
Psalm 89-Part 3
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:22-23


If there is one thing that has demished in our culture, we can agree that it is faithfulness of people. Though we may remaining faithful, others may not-a spouse, an employer, friends, church folks. I am so sorry that some of you may have experienced this kind of hurt. Just remember, God remains faithful. He will love us forever and keep His promises.

Last time we discovered that the psalmist sang about the mercies of the Lord. In addition, he also sang about God's faithfulness. We read of God's promise to David in verse 4-his seed would be established forever. In Christ the seed of David will be an everlasting kingdom.

In the Hebrew language, faithfulness means firmness; security; stability; steady; truth.

In six verses His faithfulness is proclaimed:
  1. The psalmist said that the young and old would hear of God's faithfulness. (verse 1)
  2. It is as enduring as the heavens. (verse 2)
  3. The congregation of the saints, those redeemed and living on earth, shall praise God for His faithfulness. (verse 5)
  4. God is entirely faithful. (verse 8)
  5. His faithfulness was with both David and Christ. (verse 24)
  6. God's love for David would never stop and He promised to never fail to keep His promises to him. (verse 33)
God was faithful to David and Christ. We, too, can proclaim God's faithfulness in our life. Are we?


Who is a rival for the Lord, an equal to His majesty and might?
  • not angels in heaven;
  • no princes on the earth. (verse 6)
I like how the New Living Translation answers the question in verse 7: The highest angelic powers stand in awe of God. He is far more awesome than all who surround His throne.

He is greatly to be feared and reverenced in the assembly of the saints. Isn't He an awesome God?


Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!
You alone are awesome and majestic.
None can compare to Thee.
Help me to keep proclaiming it to all generations so they, too, can experience Your mercy and faithfulness in their life.