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House Cleaning

O. T. #756  "House Cleaning"
May 18, 2016
1 Kings 2-Part 4
Solomon son of David took firm control of his kingdom, for the LORD his God was with him and made him very powerful.  2 Chronicles 1:1 NLT


Not only do I need to do a thorough cleaning of my house, but also of people in my life. There are some who try to take advantage of me, use me, take from me. This is not faithful friendship or the way a family should act. I need to focus on the godly ways that the Lord has for me to live and associate with those living for Him. Solomon knew it was time for him to do some house cleaning, also.

Solomon had to rid his empire of the scoundrels who had been traitors to his father David and would do the same to Solomon if given a chance. Reconstruction of the government was in order.
 New men, who could be trusted, took over positions:
  • Benaiah became commander of the army in place of Joab;
  • Zadok was installed as the priest to take the place of Abiathar.
So the kingdom was now firmly in Solomon's grip. (verse 46)


Now that we know what happened, let's step back at the details as to how Solomon cleaned his house. Before David died, he gave Solomon some advice concerning some people. David knew how they had been traitors in his kingdom and would try to harm or turn against Solomon, too. In the plots against Solomon, all the conspirators lost. Solomon cleaned house, ridding his court of crooked men.

David's warning was heeded:
  • Scheming Adonijah persuaded Solomon's mother to ask Solomon to give Abishag, one of the girls in David's harem, for marriage to Adonijah. Had this been permitted, it would have symbolized Adonijah taking over as king of Israel. Solomon could not allow it to take place. The scheme cost the man his life. Solomon had Adonijah killed.
  • Next, Abiathar, the priest, was told to return home because he deserved to die. Solomon was not going to kill him because he had carried the Ark for David and shared in his hardships. Abiathar lost his position and job. Thus the prophecy was fulfilled that the Lord gave at Shiloh concerning the descendants of Eli. (In 1 Samuel 2, Eli had allowed his son to commit sinful acts within the tabernacle.)
  • Joab had joined in Adonijah's rebellion, had previously murdered two righteous men Abner and Amasa, was killed at the order of Solomon.
  • Shimei was told to build him a house in Jerusalem and live there, but if he ever stepped outside the city, he would die. (Shemei had cursed and thrown stones at King David, then supposedly changed his ways and supported David, later. David forgave the man, but warned Solomon.) When Shimei left Jerusalem, he was killed as warned.
Solomon cleaned house, all right. Benaiah was the one of carry out the ordered executions of those above. He had served as one of David's Mighty Men and captain of David's bodyguard.

All political rivals had been eliminated, as Falwell wrote.

There is a limit to longsuffering when mercy is ignored and sinful people persist. (D. Jeremiah)

By executing justice and tying up loose ends that could affect the future stability of his kingdom, Solomon was promoting peace, not bloodshed. He was a man of peace in two ways: He did not go to war, and he put an end to internal rebellion. (Life Application Study Bible)

Do we have loose ends that need to be tied up? Is there some house cleaning we need to do in our life by separating from sinful schemers?


Seek the Lord as to the truth of situations.

Clean house in my life when I need to separate from people who are not living for the Lord.

Tie up loose ends if need be.

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