Friday, March 23, 2018

A Refuge in Time of Trouble

O. T. #1176  "A Refuge in Time of Trouble"
March 23, 2018
Psalms 9
I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart: I will show forth all Thy marvelous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in Thee: I will sing praise to Thy name, O Thou Most High
Psalms 9:1-2


Anyone in need of a refuge in time of trouble today? David found his refuge. Where was it?

Some say that Psalm 9 and 10 go together. In this one, David has written an individual hymn. It is divided into two parts where the first has praise prominent and the second has prayer prominent.
Praise expresses appreciation to God and understanding of His worth. We recognize the attributes of His divine nature. We thank God for all things He does and honor Him for who He is.

In the first two verses, David speaks of his dedication of worship of the LORD.
I will:
  1. praise You, LORD, with all my heart, whole heart;
  2. tell of the marvelous things You have done;
  3. be filled with joy because of You;
  4. sing praises to God, O Most High.
Your are a good, good Father, perfect in all of Your ways. We are loved by You. Even when we fail or turn away, You bring us back to You. We are not alone, but Your child, Yours. Fill us with praise and joy today.


What do we read in verses 7-12? Judgment comes from the righteous God.
  • The Lord reigns forever. (verse 7)
  • He executes judgment upon His throne.
  • God will judge the world with justice. (verse 8)
  • He will rule the nations with fairness.
  • The LORD is a shelter for the oppressed.
  • He is a refuge in times of trouble. (verse 9)
  • He knows our name that trust in Him. (verse 10)
  • He does not forsake those who seek Him.
  • God cares for the helpless. (verse 12)
  • He hears the cries of those who suffer.
Even when others forget us, our God never forgets us. He gives us breath of live each morning, each minute. Is God our refuge? A refuge or stronghold-sometimes translated fortress-is a high place of security and protection. (1 Samuel 23:14, 19, 29) The Lord Himself is as secure as the best of these (Matt. 28:20; Hebrews 13:5 (The Jeremiah Study Bible)

David used the term refuge many times in the Psalms-14:6; 46:1; 62:7,8; 71:7; 91:2,9; 104:18; 142:5. Obviously, David depended upon his God, who was faithful and did rescue him for all his enemies.

Jesus will not leave us nor forsake me. (Deut. 31:6)
Since Jesus has us up high, then we can live above our circumstance, our problems, our trials and tests. Today, let us soar high like an eagle above the ground, floating in the wind.
What doesn't break us, makes us stronger. Hold on, when the waves are taking you under, hold on just a little bit longer. This will not last forever. He can help us get through this. Believe it?



Praise You Jesus!
How marvelous are Thy works.
I will sing Your praises.
I have joy from You.
Be my refuge today.
I trust in You.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Excellent Name

O. T. #1175  "Excellent Name"
March 22, 2018
Psalms 8
O LORD our Lord, how excellent is Thy name in all the earth! Who hath set Thy glory above the heavens.  Psalms 8:1


What is in a name? Have you researched the meaning of yours? Mine means "beautiful." I'm so sure that I can live up to that name, though. Only Christ ruling in me can make me worthy of it.

Read our key verse. Here God's name is translated Jehovah, who art our Sovereign Lord and Master.
When we compare our selves to God's greatness and majesty we realize our smallness. Our Creator is so much stronger and wise than we His creation is. In great authority He reigns over all the earth and us. When everything is put into the right perspective, we humble our self before the Savior.
One day Christ will come reign upon the earth as King of kings. One day there will be a new heaven and a new earth for us believers. Then all the hate, evil, and sinfulness will be gone. What a glorious time!

MacArthur says that LORD refers to Yahweh, while Lord refers to His sovereignty. Does God rule over us as our Sovereign Lord and Master of our life?


What is man that Thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that Thou visitest him?
(verse 4)

Will you take time to read Romans 8:15-18. Believers are heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ. The first Adam lost his position of ruling over creation in the Garden. The second Adam, Christ, has more than regained that ruling position since He became our Savior.

In verse 9, David proclaims the excellency of our LORD again.


Thank You Jesus for all You are to us, for all You give to us, and for all You do for us.
Glory to Your Excellent Name.

Dear friends, I have a prayer request again. My sister in law, Wanda, is in the hospital with congestive heart failure since Monday. Her heart valves are not functioning right, so her kidneys are not. It has been 5 years since she went through the same ordeal, but God brought her through. With God all things are possible, so we are trusting Him with her life.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Caught on Own Pitchfork

O. T. #1174  "Caught on Own Pitchfork"
March 21, 2018
Psalms 7
I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.  Psalms 7:17


We watch often old westerns on television. When there is a fight scene in a barn, chances are the bad character will try to kill the good person by throwing a pitchfork at them. We know it will not hit the good character. During the fight, the bad man falls on the pitchfork he used to try to kill the good man. Isn't that the way it goes in life, if we leave revenge up to God, that is.

Have you ever been so falsely accused or hurt so badly that you wanted revenge? We find this happened when David, an innocent man had his integrity questioned. David's only defense was God.

Here we read of another prayer of David's:
  • David put his trust in God to deliver him from the persecutors. (verse 1)
  • If David was guilty of injustice, did wrong, betrayed a friend, or plundered an enemy without cause, then let his enemies capture him, trample him to the ground, and drag David's honor in the dust. (verses 3-5)
  • David knew God looked deep into the mind and heart. He knew the truth of the matter.(verse 9)
  • God is our shield, defense, saving those whose hearts are true and right. (verse 10)
  • God is an honest judge. (verse 11)
In Romans 12:19, Paul tells us to not avenge our self, but let God's wrath take care of it. God will make sure that the accuser will fall into his own ditch that he dug for the one he accused. In other words, he will we caught on his own pitchfork. In other words, the troubles they make for others backfires on them. We don't have to do anything about it.

Can we praise the Lord Most High, even when we are falsely accused of doing wrong?


Slanderous accusations were made by Cush to King Saul. They were claiming David was trying to kill Saul and seize the throne (1 Samuel 24:9-11). We know this was false because twice David had an opportunity to kill King Saul and refused to harm God's anointed.

According to Falwell, David's prayer is fourfold:
  1. Let the enemy persecute my soul;
  2. Let the enemy take it;
  3. Let him tread down my life upon the earth;
  4. Let him lay my honor in the dust.
Falsely accused, David takes no revenge, knowing that evil for good is devil-like, evil for evil is beast-like, good for good is man-like, good for evil is Godlike.

So our goal as a Child of God is to be Godlike. We can see it demonstrated in David's early life. Can others see it in our life? Will we live above our circumstances, not allowing anything to steal our joy?


                               ... and rise up in amazing grace.
                               ... praying for my enemies.
                               ... showing love and mercy toward them with forgiveness.
                               ... don't get caught on my own pitchfork.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Helpless and Hopeless

OT 1173 "Helpless and Hopeless"
March 29,2018
Psalms 6
Have compassion on me, O Lord, for I am weak. Psalm 6:2


We don't know what caused David's pain, but he sought the Lord for the remedy.
David is lamenting with great intense as he experiences:

  • sleeplessness, (verse 6)
  • helplessness, (verses 1-4)
  • hopelessness, (verses 5-7)
  • boldness (verse 8a). 
Is David completely honest with God? He pours out his heart with tears. He realized that if God showed justice toward him, he needed mercy, also. David was so burdened down that he couldn't sleep, felt helpless in his circumstances, even hopeless. Was he at the bottom of the pit or what?
When we are honest with God, we name our sins, seeking His mercy, too. Dear one, we don't have to be victims of our circumstances or weighed down with guilt of sin. Confessing wholeheartedly as David did releases it all to Jesus.

David realized he needed the Lord's compassion and mercy. Mercy, in verse 2, refers to favor; to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior. 
Let mercy rain upon us from on high.


We see David's boldness as he addresses his enemies in verses 8-10:

  • Go away, all you who do evil, for the Lord has heard my weeping. 
  • May my enemies be disgraced and terrified. 
  • May they suddenly turn back in shame. 
Eventually this came to pass. Absalom was killed and his followers disgraced and terrified. David's helplessness changed with God's helpfulness; his hopelessness turned into hopefulness; his boldness was evident in his prayers. 

Are we, or someone we love, in need of help and hope? Let us come boldly to the throne of grace, interceding for them. Pray for our enemies to come to repentance.


I am in need of You mercy and compassion sweet Jesus.
Please disgrace and terrify my enemies, turning them away from me  in shame. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

A Shield of Love

O. T. #1172  "A Shield of Love"
March 19, 2018
Psalms 5
Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make Your way plain for me to follow.  Psalms 5:8

Here is a prayer of David's after his son Absalom and others conspired to over throw David as king of Israel.
What is the secret of David's close relationship with God?
David prayed in the morning, perhaps at daybreak.
In the morning our mind is fresher and freer of problems. Do we have a regular time set apart for prayer and Bible study? By doing it early, we can commit our whole day to serving God.

What do we read about David's prayer?
  • He would ask God to hear his prayer, to pay attention to his groaning, and listen to his cry for help. (verses 1-2)
  • David would pray to no one but his King and his God. (verse 2)
  • He asked God to listen to his prayer in the morning. (verse 3a)
  • Each morning David would bring his requests to God and wait expectantly. (verse 3b)
  • Because of God's unfailing love, David could enter God's house. (verse 7a)
  • He worshiped with deepest awe at the Temple. (verse 7b) (New Living Translation)
Later on, God told the prophet Jeremiah, found in 33:3: Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

In our key verse, David asks God to make His will discernible, to lead him in a righteous path.
Isn't that what we desire?

How can we who put our trust in God, rejoice and sing His joyful praises? David gives us three reasons in verses 11-12:
  1. God protects, defends us. (verse 11)
  2. He blesses the righteous, godly. (verse 12a)
  3. He surrounds them with his shield of love. (verse 12b)
Now is that a reason to sing praises to our God, when He protects us, blesses us, and surrounds us with His shield of love?


David describes his wicked enemies:

  • God takes no pleasure in them.
  • He cannot tolerate their sin.
  • Proud do no stand in His presence.
  • He hates all who do evil.
  • God destroys all who tell lies.
  • The LORD detests murderers and deceivers.
  • Let God declare them guilty.
  • Let them be caught in their own traps.
  • May God drive them away because of their sins and rebellion against God.

God will handle our enemies. I have seen it time and again. But we are not to take revenge into our own hands. Instead, forgive them and pray for their repentance.


Thank God for His blessings, protection, and shield of love.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Are You Set Apart?

O. T. #1171  "Are You Set Apart?"
March 16, 2018
Psalms 4
But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly; The Lord will hear when I call to Him.  Psalm 4:3


You, sister in Christ, brother in Christ, are precious in the Lord's sight. The godly person has trusted Christ as their Savior and God has forgiven their sins. This godly person strives to live a righteous life and to give glory to their God. Such people have a special place in His heart. You are always kept before Him. Are you a godly person?

In the Hebrew language, godly means kind, good, merciful, saint.

The godly are faithful and devoted to God. Do you know when we are set apart by God, He observes our consecrated life and is pleased with what He sees? You are cherished by a Holy, Righteous God! What a tremendous privilege!

What does David call God? The God of my righteousness. In verse 1, righteousness refers to the right (morally or legally); just.

It is God who makes us righteous, not ourselves. None of us are righteous, no not one, alone. Jesus' blood shed upon the cross covers our sins so we can be right with a Holy God.

According to David Wilkerson, being righteous has a combination of traits: uprightness, morality, virtuousness, good conduct, avoidance of evil and of fleshly temptations. They walk a good, straight path of faith. they say only good things about people, including those who wrong them.

In Jeremiah 23:5-6, God is called THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jehovah Tsidkenu (Hebrew).

What does David say about God?
  • He will answer when we call to Him.
  • He hears us when we are in distress, troubled.
  • He gives us mercy, not what we deserve.
How wonderful our God is!


What is a godly person to do?
  • Know that they are set apart for God.
  • Stand in awe.
  • Sin not.
  • Contemplate things at night, checking your own heart, being still.
  • Offer sacrifices in the right spirit.
  • Trust God.
  • Know that He smiles upon us then.
  • Gladness is in our heart, a greater joy than having abundant harvests, placed by God.
  • We can lie down in peace and sleep, for God makes us safe.
Lord Jesus, we stand in awe of You. As we trust in You, fill us with joy and peace. Set us apart as Your children, different from those in the world.


Help me watch my words so I don't lie, make false accusations, or ruin the reputation of another.
Fill me with Your Spirit of righteousness, for I have none without You..
I need as gentle and quiet spirit.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who is Needing Victory Today?

O. T. #1170  "Who is Needing Victory Today?
March 15, 2018
Psalms 3
But Thou, O LORD, art a shield for me: my glory, and the lifter of mine head. Psalm 3:3


Are you in need of victory today? It may be anxiety, temptations, hurts, or discouragements that have us surrounded. Do we feel surrounded by our enemies today? What did David do when he was literally surrounded by his enemies?

King David wrote this song as he had to leave the palace in order to hide from his son Absalom, who wanted to become king of Israel. The background can be read in 2 Samuel 15-17. Absalom had obtained many supporters and thus formed a large army, which could have numbered 10,000. so David's negative friends though he would loose the throne through his death due to a rebellious son. In their discouragement, they said God had forsaken David, but he knew better. David's confidence was not shaken.

To David, God was:
  • his shield, which is a protection, a buckler;
  • David's glory, which refers to splendor, honor;
  • the lifter of his head, to raise, lift up;
  • the One who heard and answered David's prayer;
  • the sustainer of David;
  • the One who removed his fears;
  • David's rescuer;
  • victorious for him.
Did David have his head down as he prayed, feeling dejected? Who hasn't been there, or is there now? We feel wounded and are hurting. We need Jesus to lift our head and say, "I have this. It will turn our fine. Trust Me with this." And then we smile, released from our fears.

Sweet Jesus, only You are our protector, our glorious Lord, the hearer of our prayers and the One who answers, our sustainer and rescuer, the remover of our fears, and our victory. Bless Your holy name-King Jesus. Remind us that You are all-powerful. Help us to continue to trust You with our struggles and problems, giving them to You to handle. Will You encourage us today?


As it turned out, Absalom was riding his mule under some trees and the thickets of an oak tree caught him by the hair. His mule ran on, leaving his rider hanging by his hair. Joab killed him there.

In verse 8, David uses the word salvation (yshuwah/yesh-oo-aw), meaning deliverance, victory.

Victory comes from You, O LORD. (verse 8 NLT)

MacArthur says this is a broad-sweeping, all-inclusive deliverance, whether in the temporal or eternal realm.

Faith in God's timing was the answer to David's question about the success which the wicked had unfairly achieved. (Life Application Study Bible)

Do we have faith in God's timing?


Trust God to bring victory in my life and His timing to do it.

Pray for Him to remove my fears, protect me, lift up my head shameless.