Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Key to Success

O. T. #753  "The Key to Success"
May 12, 2016
1 Kings 2 that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go. 1 Kings 2:2


Who isn't desiring to be successful in whatever they are endeavoring to accomplish and wherever they go? Today we will find out what the key to our success is, as Solomon found out from David.

David quickly placed his son Solomon on the throne of Israel as his replacement when he got word that his other son Adonijah took the position through self-appointment in rebellion. Adonijah was then temporarily pardoned.

You will recall that David is in his 70's and no longer able to function as king. He realized that his time on earth was drawing to an end, so he wanted to tie up loose ends concerning the kingdom.
According to 1 Chronicles 23:1 and 29:20-25, he called the leaders and priests to assemble with him and Solomon. The made offerings and sacrifices to the LORD, as well as feasted and drank in the LORD's presence with great joy that day.

Solomon was anointed as king a second time before his father David, died. The first anointing was rather impromptu because of the circumstances, but the second was more formal before all the people. (Falwell)

David, son of Jesse, reigned over all Israel a total of 40 years-7 in Hebron and 33 in Israel. Can you imagine the biter sweet time? The only king that generations had only known stepped down and a new king was sitting on his throne.

Will everyone be faithful to serve Solomon as they did David and the LORD God?
When we have changes in staff of our church, are we able to let go of the former ones and serve the new leaders that God has put there? Can we do it with great joy as the people did in today's reading?


David's charged, instructed, to King Solomon to be steadfast, firm, and obedient were the king of covenant challenges presented to leaders and common Hebrews throughout the Old Testament (Joshua 1:9). The result of obedience o the law was made explicit for Solomon: it would bring success in everything. (Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary)

Observe the requirements of the LORD your God, and follow all His ways, so that you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go. (verse 3, NLT)

In order for David's dynasty to continue with one of his family on the throne of Israel as king, obedience to God was a requirement. It was the key to David's successes, obedience to the Word of God.

David emphasized the spiritual before the political, for he wanted his son to walk in the ways of the Lord. (Wiersbe)

David experience so many challenges in his lifetime. Battles were won when he sought the Lord's will and ways. Although he stumbled into sin, he repented. Truly he was a man after God's own heart. We can feel it as we read so many of the Psalms that David wrote.

The greatest king of Israel was David. His line would go on forever if his descendants remained faithful and obedient to God and His laws. This was fulfilled at the birth of Jesus Christ, who sits on the throne beside God our Heavenly Father interceding for us. What a legacy! Millions have been saved throughout time due to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us sinners.

Now that is something to shout about and praise Jesus for accomplishing and providing!!!


What do I need to let go of today, Lord, in order for me to be successful in Your eyes?

Keep me on Your road of faith and obedience, serving You and others.

May my successes go to God.

Praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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