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Sibling Rivalry

O. T. #750  "Sibling Rivalry"
May 9, 2016
1 Kings 1-Part 2
Then Adonijah, the son of Haggith, exalted himself, saying, I will be king...   1 Kings 1:5


Time and time again I have witnessed sibling rivalry. It continues into adulthood if the relationship is not reconciled. Then they take those bitter feelings to the grave with them. How sad it is. If only pride could be buried instead. Enjoyment of peaceful and loving relationships could be had. If they are honest, this is what is desired. Well, David's family was not exempt from this sibling rivalry, between two of his sons. Shall we peal back the curtain and peak inside this family once again?

David had established his kingdom by uniting God's people with the help of God. Now he has grown old (in 70's). Since he was unable to carry on his kingly duties, David's son Adonijah took advantage of the situation and appointed himself king of Israel as a plot to take over David's kingdom. This was without David's knowledge. No precedence had been established as to the method of replacing their king. Keep in mind that it was God's will for Solomon to be king after his father.

If there had not been sibling rivalry before this, there certainly was now. Adonijah was David's fourth son and oldest surviving heir. He first son, Amnon, had been killed by Absalom's men for raping his sister; Chileab, the second son, may have died at an earlier age since he is not mentioned again; Absalom, the third son, was killed by Joab (David's nephew).

What good can we get from this rebellion? We can look forward and be assured that God will make sure that Solomon is Israel's next king, not Adonijah.

Are we trusting God to take care of our future and the future of our children?


What was involved in Adonijah's plot to reign as the next king of Israel?
  • First of all, he was boasting that he was making himself king. (verse 5)
  • He provided himself with chariots and charioteers, hired to be loyal to Adonijah, along with 50 Runners to be in front of him. They were recruited to give a royal appearance of Adonijah. (verse 6)
  • David did not discipline Adonijah in his growing up years, nor did David question his actions and motives now, as he was in the dark on the matter.
  • Adonijah persuaded Joab, a brilliant general and David's army commander, and Abiathar, one of two high priests under David, to help him become king. (verse 7)
  • Jonathan, Abiathar's son, who helped David stop Abslom's rebellion but supported this rebellion. (verse 42)
  • Some of David's men, including Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, and David's body guards refused to support Adonijah.
  • Adonijah went to the Stone of Zoleth to sacrifice animals at his self-coronation. He invited his other brothers, all royal officials of Judah to join him. However, Nathan, or Benaiah or the king's bodyguard nor Solomon were invited. Solomon was Adonijah's rival to the throne.
Nathan, a man of faith and action, immediately tried to stop this conspiracy. Some one else was trying to take over the throne so they had to move quickly to stop it. He was one of the three loyal servants (including Zadok) who took matters into their own hands. He informed Bathsheba of the plot. Then she took the message to King David. Solomon was David's choice and God's choice for the next king of Israel. He was also Bathsheba's son. Although it is not recorded in scripture, David had promised Bathsheba such (verses 17, 30; 1 Chron.22:9-10).

We are going to leave the story there. To be continued... How will David stop Adonijah? What a mess again.

Are we faithful friends who desire to see things done God's way? Are we willing to give our all so God's will is carried out? No matter who we have to stand against?


Remain faithful to God's will and plan.

Support those in leadership who are carrying out God's will.

Be loving to my siblings.

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