Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Man After God's Own Heart

O. T. #746  "A Man After God's Own Heart"
May 3, 2016
Summary of 2 Samuel

I always like to review when we finish a book, hitting the highlights of events. So much happened in the life of David recorded in this book. God called David "A man after His own heart." (NLT version is used for scripture.) Let's review the highlights as outlined in The MacArthur Bible Commentary:

I. David's accession to kingship over Judah (chapters 1-3)
  • Deaths of King Saul and son Jonathan (1:1-27)
  • David anointed by Judah (2:1-7)
  • His victories over the house of Saul (2:8-3:1)
  • Wives and sons of David in Hebron (3:2-5) 
Must we always be killing each other? Don't you realize bitterness is the only result? (2:26)
Abner, Saul's army commander, said this to Joab, David's army commander, when Judah and Israel were at war with each other. Later, Joab killed Abner.
Can we also ask the same within our church, killing another's witness through gossip? Within our families, neighborhoods and communities?

II. David's accession to kingship over Israel (chapters 3-5)
  • Deaths of Abner and Ishbosheth (3:6-4:12)
  • David anointed by all Israel (5:1-5)
  • David's conquest of Jerusalem (5:6-12)
  • Wives and sons of David in Jerusalem (5:13-16)
Ishbosheth was a self-appointed king over Judah, reigning two years, but the people wanted David as their king. Two men sneaked into his house and cut off his head.

III. David's triumphal reign ((chapters 5-8)
  • David's victories over the Philistines (5:17-25)
  • Spiritual victories of David ((6:1-7:29)
  • David's victories over the Philistines, Moabites, Arameans, and Edomites (8:1-18)

But David captured the fortress of Zion, which is now called the City of David. (5:7)
We know Jerusalem became the sight of the Temple of God then and throughout the New Testament times. It is the chosen place where Jesus will reign.

David attempted to move the Ark of the Covenant on a new cart without consulting the Lord first. As a result, a man died when he touched it. Searching the scriptures, David found the Levites were to carry it upon their shoulders using poles. David danced through the streets as the procession entered Jerusalem. The Ark was a symbol that the Lord was with Israel.

Corresponding with this is 1 Chronicles. In chapter 16 we read:

Remember the wonders He has performed, His mercies, and the rulings He has given. (12)
Do not touch My chosen people, and do not hurt the prophets. (22)
Great is the LORD! He is worthy of praise! (25)
Give to the LORD the glory He deserves! (29)
Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. (34)

The Lord covenanted, promised, David that He would give him a dynasty of kings in his family in chapter 7.

Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? (7:18)  Do you hear the humility in David's heart, this man after God's own heart?

Where are you and your family in perspective of God's will for you? Are you serving Him faithfully?
What has God brought you through in your lifetime?

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