Monday, May 16, 2016

A Costly Request

O. T. #755  "A Costly Request"
May 16, 2016
1 Kings 2-Part 3


Have you ever asked God to something, selfishly? I am glad He did not grant one particular request. In the long run, the consequences would not have been what I would have chosen. God answered it in another way, and I am so glad about that. Today, a man asked the king for something and it cost him dearly. Check it out with me.

Solomon was the new king of Israel now. David was gone. Adonijah, the rebellious son of David, was spared. Then one day he tries to pull the wool over Solomon's eyes. Here's his scheme:
  • Adonijah went to Bathsheba, the mother of King Solomon, with peaceful intentions.
  • He asked a favor to ask of her. Really, is he in any kind of position to do this?  
  • He won't let it go, but said that the kingdom was rightfully his (older than Solomon) and that all Israel wanted him to be king. Pewy. That is what he had in his mind because it was not true.
  • The tables turned and the kingdom went to his brother instead, for it was the way the LORD wanted it.
  • With that said, Adonijah asked his favor: He asked Bathsheba to speak to Solomon on his behalf, since he would do anything she asked. Talk about trying to take advantage.
  • Ask Solomon if Adonijah could marry Abishag, the girl.
 Adonijah always had something up his sleeve. If he married this girl, then it was a symbol of his taking claim to the throne. Tradition then was, when a king stepped down, he passed the harem, wives, concubines on to the next king as his possession.

Do we know of folks that scheme to get their way, being sneaky? Children will learn their technique and use it for their self.


Was Bathsheba naïve as she asked Solomon the request of Adonijah? Some suggest that she was glad to do it because she thought it would eliminate the last threat to her son's throne. Who knows? She was tricked into it. Of course, she was manipulated because she was the king's mother.

Continuing on, when Bathsheba entered the throne room, Solomon arose from his seat and bowed before her, the queen-mother. He had a seat brought in for her to sit on his right, a high position for one. Then Bathsheba presented her one small petition to the king, asking him to not refuse.

How did King Solomon reply?
What is it, my mother? You know I won't refuse you.

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you. (Matthew 7:8)

Jesus hears us when we pray believing He can answer our request. We must trust His answer to be the right one at the right time for us, since our answer if not always immediately a "yes."

So Bathsheba asked Solomon what Adonijah had requested, marriage to Abishag. His answer was not a yes.
How can you possible ask me this? You may as well have asked me to give the kingdom to Adonijah. You know he is my older brother, and has Abiathar and Joab on his side.

Solomon had pardoned Adonijah on good behavior. Now he over stepped his boundaries, knowingly. His chance to live was now forfeited. Solomon vowed that God kill him if Adonijah had not sealed his fate with the request that day-death. The LORD placed Solomon on the throne of David, establishing his dynasty as promised.

The king ordered Benaiah to execute Adonijah. And it was so.

Well, well, the scheme of Adonijah fell through. It cost him his life. What a bad decision, plan, trick to try to pull off. Sounds like the guy was desperate to be king. Could he have been jealous of his brother? He gave it his best, with one last try, we have to give him that.

People just don't think through their ideas. Sometimes the consequences are obvious, but they are blinded by their selfishness.


Be careful what I pray.

Consider the consequences if the answer is affirmed.

Point out to others if their request is not the appropriate one and what could happen.

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