Wednesday, January 4, 2017

In a Pit on a Snowy Day

O. T. #897  "In a Pit on a Snowy Day"
Jan. 4, 2017
1 Chronicles 11-Part 2


Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, yet I am in a pit today. Hurtful words put me down there. That lion said some words that put me down here. I need a cleansed heart as white as snow. You see, I think hurtful thoughts toward that person, even though I don't say them. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow, Jesus. Help me to forgive and love as You forgive me and continue to love me. Perhaps some of you up living up north have deep snow at your house, or even in your life. Are you in a pit of snow, too? One of David's mighty men was. Let's see how he got out.

David's mighty men are listed here. Though it is not a complete list, those men were warriors and heroes from the time of David's running from Saul  throughout his 40 year reign as king. Therefore, not all those men were around all the time. Most of the list parallels with 2 Samuel 23. David had his inner circle close relationships like Jesus did. Josheb, Basshbeth, Eleazer, and Shammah are the list of the 3 by David Jeremiah. You will remember the three who risked their life to get some fresh water from the well of Bethlehem when they were fighting the Philistines. David was so touched by the act of bravery and kindness that he would not drink it. Instead, David poured he water out to the Lord.These mighty And then there were the 30 honorable men, which were probably actually 45 in number.

David always gave credit of victory to the Lord God. Verse 14 says So the LORD brought about a great victory.

Do we have that strong of faith? Do you need a miracle of victory today? Jesus can handle it. Nothing is impossible for Him to handle. So we need to let Him handle it.


Abishai was Joab's brother and chief of another group of three men. He had killed 300 men with his spear. Benaiah killed two lion-like heroes of Moab. Did you notice in verse 22 that he killed lion in the midst of a pit on a snowy day. Also, he killed some Egyptian giants.

Do we have any lying lions to kill in our pit of self-pitty, even on a snowy day? Or, do we have any giants to bring down? Kill those giants and lions with the Word of God today and climb out of that pit. Stay in the fight until the final round. Friend, God is holding you right now. You are an overcomer, hang onto His promises, like the song says.


Trust God while in a pit on a snowy day for the victory.

Open my eyes, God, so I can see clearly on this snowy day in my life.

Warm my heart with Your love.

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