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Dreams of the Heart

O. T. #907  "Dreams of the Heart"
January 18, 2017
1 Chronicles 17
Who am I, O LORD God, and what is mine house, that Thou hast brought me hitherto?
1 Chronicles 17:16


Do you have any dreams for your life or your family? David did. Step with me into his palace to find out what it was.

Shh. Listen. Do you hear the pitter-pat of the rain upon the roof of the magnificent palace as David tries to sleep? He gets up and goes to his window, looks down upon the tent. Well, it could have happened. It does not say that is what happened that way, though.
It could have been what triggered thoughts in David's mind about the Ark of God dwelling in just a tent in the rain? Do you think David's desire to build God a permanent house (Temple) delighted the Lord so much that He repeated the episode that is recorded in 2 Samuel 7? Speculation.

Anyway, in this chapter we read of David's ambition to build a house for the Lord, the Lord's response and promise concerning David's house, and David's gratitude an thanksgiving or it.

Sometimes our ambitions, dreams, or ideas are not always what God has for us to do. such was the case with David. Oh, it was a good idea, and Nathan the Prophet even approved of it, but that did not mean it was God's will for David at that time. What could be wrong with providing a beautiful Temple for the Lord's house? But it was. God revealed it to Nathan that same night.

Why didn't God want David to build His Temple? God told David that his job was to unify and lead Israel, as well as destroy its enemies. This task required David shedding blood, and God did not want a warrior building His Temple. However, David did make the plans and collected the materials for it so his son Solomon could begin building as soon as he became king (1Kings 5-7). Later on David's Dream would be fulfilled, not through his efforts, but his son's. What a delight for David to see it happen, even though he was not allowed to be the one.

Did David accept his part in God's plan and not go beyond it? Yes. Sometimes God says no to our plans, but provides other opportunities in a different direction. So we need to open our spiritual eyes to where God is working and the doors of service He opens for us, a redirection. Are we willing to accept a "no" in answer to our prayers?

Are we traveling on the right road which is God's will for us at this time? Are we willing to accept God using someone else to accomplish something which was our idea? We are all in the kingdom work, serving the same King Jesus.


This is the account of the Davidic Covenant which God made with David as explained by John MacArthur:
  1. God will appoint a place for His people.
  2. God will arrange for the permanence of His people.
  3. God will prevent oppression from His people's enemies.
  4. God will set up the Davidic dynasty-the house of David.
  5. God will establish the Davidic kingdom.
  6. God will ensure the certainty of the Davidic throne.
We know that Jesus' lineage was through the line of Judah and David. What better blessing could David have received? Jesus, the Messiah, is building His eternal house, kingdom, in heaven. Christ Jesus' Davidic reign will conclude human history. The whole world is blessed, too.

David was overwhelmed and prayed with awe and thanksgiving over God's bestowing this divine blessing on his seed and nation. When we stop to think of it, Christians have an eternal house awaiting us. That should get our clapper clapping.

One more thing, dear one-did you read in verse 16 where David acknowledges yet it was a small thing in Thin eyes...

Our big things, problems, are only small things for God to solve or resolve. (Had to throw that in :))


Thank You Lord for providing salvation for me and my family, and my friends.

Help me to accept "no" when it comes to me.

Rejoice when others are used by God for kingdom work.

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