Friday, January 6, 2017

Need Some Joy?

O. T. #899 Chronicle "Need Some Joy?"
Jan. 6, 2017
1 Chronicles 12-Part 2


Need some joy today? For sure! This week has been one of those. My husband's dad has had health issues, which led to discovering other ones. A relationship was harmed by words exchanged. And to top it off, my computer at work crashed so now I will have to spend time preparing deductions again before tax time. Ugh! I am in need of some joy. How about you?

Verse 25 informs us of the numbers of armed warriors who joined David at Hebron was 336,222 (best I can figure). They we all eager to see David become king instead of Saul, just as the LORD had promised. 
All these men came in battle array to Hebron (a place where David reigned as king over Judah for 7 1/2 years) with a single purpose of making David the king over all Israel. In fact, everyone in Israel agreed that David should be their king. (verse 38)
[Resource: New Living Translation]

Their single purpose was to show overwhelming support for David and make him their king. God brought these men together as " one heart" or "one mind."

So many times our churches and organizations are going in all sorts of directions instead of asking God to give them one central purpose-one that will encourage the saints and glorify God. Our Christian groups should be of one mind like David's army. Is it time for us to take a closer look at ours? Is it in need of refocusing?


Let's take a look at the last two verses (39-40) in this chapter. This feast was associated with the coronation of King David found in 2 Samuel 5.

How long did those men stay with David? (3 days)
What did they do during that time? (They feasted and drank.)
Why? (Preparations had been made by their relatives.)

What a long party, family reunion. That would have been a lot of guest to prepare for-over 320,000.
Can you hear the laughter, the catching up on what had happened since the last time they visited?
Sounds like Hebron folks had some help with the catering. Verse 40 tells us people from as far as Issachar, Zebulun, and Naphtali brought food on donkeys, camels, mules, and oxen. (These were the northern tribes.)

What did these kind relatives furnish for the party? A vast supply of flour, fig cakes, clusters of raisins, wine, olive oil, cattle, sheep, and goats were brought to the celebration. (verse 40b)

What was throughout the land of Israel? GREAT JOY!

Can you hear the excitement? I think even the women and David's servants were dancing around and singing joyfully as they prepared the food. Can you feel the joy in the air. Everyone had it. All of Israel was included.

In the Hebrew language, joy (simcah) means glee, (religious or festival); exceeding gladness, joyfulness.

Now I ask you, who couldn't use some of that joy today? It doesn't take a feast or party. We can find joy in Jesus, friends. Now matter our situation, He can give us joy and peace.

Let me share this. Last night I had planned for a few friends, from 2 churches and family, to gather at a restaurant for some girl time. Our purpose was to encourage my sil who is meeting her doctors in Nashville to discuss her health on Monday. Hopefully, she will be ready to have heart surgery to replace a heart valve. She needed some joy. It has been a stressful time, a prayerful 2 months. It was successful. We all laughed and reassured her. Now that is what I'm talking about-joy in the midst of troubles. Jesus gives what we need, when we need it. (She has some bright yellow house shoes with smiley faces to remind her. Got to go buy me some.)

LET IT GO and ask Jesus for joy today!

*Please pray for Rose this next week.

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