Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hurling Stones

O. T. #898  "Hurling Stones"
Jan. 5, 2017
1 Chronicles 12


Notice that we are reading about the time David was hiding in a cave from Saul, who sought to kill him.  (This was before he became king of Judah or Israel.) The men listed here were warriors from the tribe of Benjamin, the same as Saul. The had fought beside David when he was captain in Saul's army. These men ere expert archers; they could shoot arrows or sling stones with both their left and right hands. They deserted Saul and  joined David. Did you notice that these men could hurl stones as deadly weapons?

Do we hurl words as hard as stones? On the hand, how do we react when others hurl words at us, as hard as stones? Stones can harm or even kill people. We saw the results of David flinging only one at the giant Goliath.


Help came to David in his time of need.
  • David was joined by the strong fighting men from Gad who were mighty warriors. (verses 14-15)
  • Others came from Benjamin and Judah at the stronghold. A stronghold is a cut off or fenced place; a fortress. In David's case, the cave was a good stronghold.
  • David confronted them as to whether they came as his friends (came in peace to help him) or to betray him as enemies. (verses 16-17)
  • The Holy Spirit upon Amasai, the leader of Thirty, saying, We are yours, David! We are on your side, son of Jesse. Peace and prosperity be with you, and success to all who help you, for your God is the one who helps you. (verse18)
Life Application Study Bible teaches us:
In the O.T. times, the Spirit came upon individuals in order to accomplish specific goals. Beginning at Pentecost, however, the Spirit came upon all believers, not only to empower them to do God's will, but also to dwell in them day by day (Acts 2:14-21).  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you will experience the Holy Spirit's ongoing work in our life as well as special times of filling for God's purposes.

Help me to not hurl stones of pain, but blessings of peace and success to others.

Allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through me.

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