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Exceeding Great Joy

O. T. #903  "Exceeding Great Joy"
Jan. 12, 2017
1 Chronicles 15-Part 2
So David and the elders of Israel , and the captains over thousands, went to bring up the ark of the covenant of the LORD out of the house of Obededom with joy. 1 Chronicles 15:25


I will never forget the joy I felt as our church crossed over from the old sanctuary into the new one. It had been years of struggle, disagreements, financial problems, and people leaving. How humbling and exciting it was to experience all the working of God throughout that decade. We sang praises unto the Lord our God as we got inside. We experienced His Spirit moving in our midst as we worshiped with thankful hearts. I can only imagine how David and those in the procession bringing the Ark home to Jerusalem felt-joy. God was in their midst.

We pick up our study with the key verse above. Everyone was in their place, the priests, the musicians and singers, as well as the king and elders of Israel. Also those who accompanied the Ark to Jerusalem were David's civil administrator and his military leaders. Only the Levites carried the Ark of God.

There was joy. The singers lifted up the voice of joy in verse 16. The word joy in Hebrew, simchah (sim-khaw'), means blithesomeness or glee; exceedingly, gladness, joyful, pleasure, rejoicing.

The same word is used in verse 25 above. Those who went to retrieve the Ark were filled with joy.
I wonder how far their journey was, but could not find the answer. Can you imagine the sight of all those marching and walking together with joyful hearts. And the singing and music heard as they traveled.

Do you recall another group of men who rejoiced with exceeding great joy? They were wise men following an extraordinary star, traveling to a Bethlehem's stable where they found the Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords lying in a manger. (Matthew 2:10)

That joy is found in the Greek language to be chara (khar-ah'), means cheerfulness, calm delight, gladness, exceeding joy.

What brings you joy? Whether it is on a road or in the air or on the sea, we can had joy knowing we are  going to do the Lord's work and He is with us today. I don't know about you sweet friend, but I can use some exceeding great joy in my life today. Jesus, fill us with Your joy. It is the fruit of Your Spirit.


Verse 26 is a contradiction with 2 Samuel 6:13 in that the offering occurred after the Ark was moved verses the beginning of the procession when the offering was given. Well, at least it was done. Does it matter when?

As David marched in the parade, how was he dressed? Instead of his kingly robe and attire, he wore a robe of fine linen. He also had an ephod of linen, which the priests wore, and was a short tunic or apron worn around the waist. the ephod was a distinguishing mark of identification. David set aside his royal robe to look like everyone else. Jesus did the same when He left heaven to walk as a man.

The river of joy was flowing and the devil tried to stop it. He used David's first wife, Michal, who was Saul's daughter,  saw him dancing in the street and despised him in her heart. Perhaps he looked foolish in her eyes as he expressed gratitude. This wife had a heart problem empty of joy.

Even if our expression of joy and gratitude toward God in worship may look foolish to some, don't be deterred. Praise Him wholeheartedly.


Open my heart to the Lord for His joy to fill it.

Even in the midst of struggles, praise Hm.

Serve the Lord with gladness.

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