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Giving to an Elderly Parent

O. T. #904  "Giving to an Elderly Parent"
Jan. 13, 2017
1 Chronicles 16
Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon His name, make known His deeds among the people.
1 Chronicles 16:8


Once the Ark of God arrived in Jerusalem it was placed inside the tent or Tabernacle which David had prepared for it. It was a visual reminder for Israel of the presence of God in their midst. It should have helped the people be more  consistent in their worship. Burnt sacrifices and peace offerings were dedicated to God.

The burnt offering typified what God sees in Christ. It ascended to the presence of God. The peace offering spoke of the fact that Christ made peace by the blood of His Cross. Everything is right between God and us when we come God's way through Christ. (J. Vernon McGee)

Then David gave every one Israel a loaf of bread, meat, and a cake of raisins. Such a joyful time.

Is praise and thanksgiving in our daily life? It should be daily instead of only at times of celebration or Sundays.


In verses 4-5 we read of David appointing certain Levites to:
  • minister before the Ark of the LORD,
  • record, which means to make mention, to commemorate, or possibly to celebrate;
  • thank and praise the LORD God of Israel,
  • and their names.
We recognize the name of Asaph as having written some Psalms in addition to David and Solomon. However, it is possible that David did write Psalm 105.

Life Application Study Bible give us four elements of true thanksgiving are found in this song (Psalm 105:1-15) in verses 8-22:
  1. remembering what God has done
  2. telling others about it
  3. showing God's glory to others
  4. offering gifts of self, time, and resources.
I think the one most difficult is the last-giving myself and my time. How about you?

Lately, my husband's father has been having some health issues which involved spending the night in the hospital, then wearing a catheter for almost a week. Hubby even spent that night with this elderly man. Now, today he had to be at the doctor's office at 8 am to remove his friend. Then this afternoon, he takes his dad back for a visit with the doctor who is a specialist (a 20 mile trip one way). Now that is what I call an illustration of giving of self, time, and resources. Most of all, it expresses the love of Christ.

                    ... and remember, tell, show, and offer.

                               ... and sing praises unto God and give thanks to Him.

                                ... minister unto my God, then record the things He has done for me.

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