Monday, January 9, 2017

Doing Our Homework

O. T. #900  "Doing Our Homework"
Jan. 9, 2017
1 Chronicles 13
If it seem good unto you, and that it be of the LORD our God, let us send... (1 Chronicles 13:2)
And let us bring again...  (verse 3)


Growing up, I didn't mind doing homework, if it was in a subject that I liked, that is. Probably those subjects I didn't like were the ones I need to do homework in the most, though. King David did not do his homework at a specific time. Shall we see what resulted?

Some time lapsed between chapters 12 and 13. Before David got to go to Jerusalem as Israel's king, the Philistines surrounded David and his men. The Lord gave them victory over the Philistines. (Remember the sound of marching feet in the trees-that was God's sign of victory.)

David's palace was built in Jerusalem. Then David's desire was to bring the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. Before he did, David consulted his captains and leaders, as well as inviting all Israel to join in. (This was omitted from 2 Sam. 6.)

Did you notice the words in the key verses, let us send and let us bring? David desired to offer his brethren, those relatives who the Philistines had conquered their land for desolation, to come live with them. Then he wanted to bring the Ark home. Together-us.

Effective leaders listen carefully to others' opinions, and they encourage others to participate in making decisions. Of course, we should always consult God first. We can run into problems if we do not talk to him first. (Life Application Study Bible)

Do we consider others' opinions important? o w get them involved or just do it our self?


With the Ark in Jerusalem, it would make the city of David the nation's center of worship and politics. A problem arose, though. David didn't do his homework. He attempted to transport the Ark on a new cart, doing it his way, instead of finding out how to do it God's way, which was on the shoulders of the Levites. As it turned out Uzzah died when he touched it, in order to keep the Ark from falling off the cart. Had David done his homework, a man would not have died.
The Ark stayed at Obededom's house for 3 months. The Lord blessed that man.

Do we stop and consult God before we rush into a project? Do we do our homework?


Let us-involve others in the decisions and activity of projects I am leading.

Ask God first about the projects I lead.

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