Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Church Leaders

O. T. #916  "Church Leaders"
January 31, 2017
1 Chronicles 23
And to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at evening.  1Chronicles 23:30


Do we praise the Lord and give Him thanks every morning and evening? I try to keep doing it throughout the day. How about you? We don't need to be a church leader, to do it either.

Keep in mind that Prophet Ezra wrote this book in order to encourage and teach the returning Jews from the Babylonian captivity of 70 years. These original readers had their Temple destroyed, so these instructions were invaluable to them. King David took seriously his  preparing the Temple, which his son Solomon would build. He made building plans, gathered funds and materials needed, as well as organized the administration and the worship services. David was such a dynamic musician, he also invented musical instruments through his years. Yet, he was about 70 years old by now

Ezra does not elaborate on Solomon's coronation, nor the attempts to seize his throne. (1 Kings tells of that.) The chapters 23-27 inform us of that organization of leaders, priests, and Levites so service in the LORD's house was smooth and effective. Now, the Levites did not officiate at the altar, but assisted the priests with the sacrifices. (Can you imagine the number of sacrifices daily made? Inspecting and killing the animals would have been quite a task.)

Life Application Study Bible tells us of the duties assigned in the Temple written in this chapter:
  • Administration Duties: Supervisors, Officers, Judges, Public administrators;
  • Ministerial Duties: Assistant for sacrifices, Assistants for purification ceremonies;
  • Service Duties: Bakers of the bread of the Presence, Those responsible for the weights and measures, Caretakers.
Other duties and assignments are discussed in the next 4 chapters.
What can we learn from this information? The duties each of us perform week after week is significant. Emptying trash is just as needful as teaching a class. Let us do them with joy, serving the Lord Jesus.


David took another census, though it was only of the Levites, so there would be enough men assisting the priests. (No pride)The total was 38,000 of me age 30 and up, which would have been to age 50.
They were divided into 4 groups:
  1. Priests and assistants worked in the Temple (24,000 in number);
  2. Officers and judges (6,000);
  3. Porters or gatekeepers (4,000);
  4. Singers who praised the Lord (4,000).
There is other information in this chapter. The three traditional families of the Levies were divided into courses (divisions) and listed.
Those younger men of age 25 had a 5-year apprentice before their duties began at age 30. David lowered the age to 20. When the Temple was completed in Jerusalem, there would be no need for the Levies to transport the tabernacle, but a greater need for maintaining the ritual of the Temple. so there was a need for more men.

I found it interesting that the men baked the unleavened cakes and prepared the flour for the meat offerings. These were not only done daily, but for special feasts and Sabbaths.

Are we training our younger adults in the ways of our church in preparation of their taking over for us?


Do my best for Jesus.

Remain faithfully serving Him in the church.

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