Friday, February 5, 2016

Welcome Home

O. T. #687  "Welcome Home"
February 5, 2015
2Samuel 6-Part 7


I always kiss my husband bye in the mornings. Guess I haven't given much thought as to how I greet him in the evenings after a long day at work. Usually, I don't say anything. I am busy cooking, on the computer,  whatever, or doing nothing. Sometimes I ask if it is "you." He teases me that it is not "you" but him. " 'You' can leave now," he says. It's an ongoing joke between us. Maybe I should show some delight to see him. Of course, I don't want him to have a heart attack. How can I treat hubby like a king today? Hmm. Time to think about it. Well, poor David was not welcomed home like a king this particular day. Check it out.

David had been seen by his wife Michal dancing and celebrating in the streets of Jerusalem. He had laid aside his royal, kingly robes in exchange for the priestly ephod. His procession brought home the Ark of God, the Ark of the Covenant, and placed it into a special tent he provided. Everyone must have been excited. God was in their presence after 50 years. everyone except Michal.

When David returned home, she didn't greet him with a kiss and share the excitement with David for what he had accomplished. David didn't hear, "Good job, honey."  No, his wife Michal accused him of uncovering himself in the eyes of the maids of his servants and shamelessly uncovering himself.
Shamelessly means  striped, to uncover.  

Lest we think badly of David, too, it was not that he was skipping through town in his skibbies. David traded his king's robe for a priest's robe. Remember, David pictures our Lord Jesus. Not only is Jesus our King of kings, but He is our High Priest, also. He is interceding for us His children to our Father God when we sin, as a priest makes the offering for his people. The difference is that Jesus has already made the blood sacrifice which a Holy God requires.

Well, back to the home scene.
Michal was Saul's daughter and never showed any faith in God. In fact, she had worshiped idols. The Lord didn't lead David to take Michal a his wife. He won her by slaying Goliath (1 Samuel 17:25).She married David "prize" for victory. She was an unbeliever who did not understand or appreciate the things of the Lord (1 Cor. 2:14-16). They both illustrate the battle we have between our flesh and spirit.
Michal wanted David to display his royal power in great pomp and ceremony. He preferred to take his place with the common people and glorify God.
Satan has a "Michal" to meet us whenever we have been rejoicing in the Lord and seeking to glorify Him. (Wiersbe)

How do we welcome our husbands home, cheerfully or discouragingly? When others attend retreats, do we listen to what they have learned or criticize them? Are we watching our words so they are encouraging instead of grumbling and complaining as Colossians speaks about?


Now that we have the picture, look at David's reaction to his wife's criticism:
  • David tells her that what he did was before the LORD, who chose him instead of her father and all his house, to be ruler over Israel, the people of the LORD.
  • Therefore, David would play music before the LORD.
  • He said that he would be more undignified than this time, and he'd be humble in his own sight.
  • Those maidservants would hold David in honor.
Michal appears to be more concerned for her reputation than for the return of the Ark. David came home to bless his household and was instead greeted with sarcastic, biting words from his wife.
(D. Jeremiah)

David realized that Michal would never help him in the work of the LORD; therefore, David put her away and refused to give her the privileges of marriage. (Wiersbe)

Verse 23 says that Michal had no children to the day of her death.
Keep in mind, for a Jewish woman t die without children was a great shame to her. David had great plans to do more for the Lord, even in building a temple for Him. He needed encouragement at home, not discouragement. 

Michal was concerned only about David's outward appearance while David focused on the inward condition of hi heart before God.

Do we honor the Lord regardless of what obstacles Satan may put in our way? How much are we influenced for the bad and not the good things?

Obviously, Michal's words and actions did not please the Lord for she did not have any children during her life. How sad this is. Can you imagine how great it would have been to be the wife of David? Are we supportive of our king in our home?


Forgive and let go of past disagreements, love my husband today and treat him like a king.

Stop grumbling and be grateful.

Show Jesus' love today.

Jesus deserves to be King and on the throne of my heart.


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