Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sing About Love

O. T. #693  "Sing About Love"
February 11, 2016
2 Samuel 7-Part 4
Who am I, O LORD God? and what is my house, that thou hast brought me hitherto?
2 Samuel 7:18


I love it when my husband writes me a poem or sings me a song with his guitar. I feel the love coming from his heart to me. Anyone can buy a card from a store, but special ones are homemade. We realize that the giver took time to do it. I think of this since Valentine's Day is coming soon. In fact, I told him that we should not give gifts to each other this year since we are going on a business trip to California in 10 days. I am think about the two of us walking along the beach reminiscing about our 43 years of marriage. That's my idea of love. David must have felt God's love when he heard the promises God made to him. Often David sang about God's love. Look closer with me.

David was told that not he but one of his sons would build the Temple for God to dwell. Then he goes and sits before the Lord. Instead of David building an earthly temple, God would bless him with an eternal kingdom and one of his descendants would always be on the throne of Israel. Can it get any better than this?

Stay with me in this lengthy part, but I like the different versions. Some leave out while others explain this passage better than others. In verses 18-29, we read of David's prayer of thanksgiving:
  • Who am I and my family that you have brought me this far? (NLT) (verse 18) From the sheep pasture to a throne David has come. He does not forget his roots. The KJV uses the word hitherto instead of far. Hitherto means here, thither in the Hebrew language. Webster's Dictionary defines it as up to this or that time. Dream or no dream, David acknowledged that he was a blessed person. This is more evidence that he is a man after God's own heart.
  • David says that this was yet a small thing in God's sight. (verse 19) No biggy; no big deal; just a little thing for God to arrange. Our God loves giving to his children.
  • In addition to everything God had already done for David, He was going to give David a lasting dynasty. Don't we pray for God to save our grandchildren's grandchildren and use them in His ministry?
  • Do you deal with everyone this way, O Sovereign LORD? (verse 20 NLT) Is David picking up on the fact that he is a special and chosen child of God?
  • He recognizes that God has spoken of the distant future.
  • What more can David say to God. He knows David's heart. (verse 20)
  • For the sake of Your word and according to Your will, You have done this great thing and made it known to your servant. (verse 21 NIV) 
  • It is God's promise in the Davidic Covenant that He will do these great things, not only for David but also for Israel. David was grateful that God made known these things to him.
What a prayer so far! David is humbled, admits and confesses the greatness of His God. He knows that the things God does is only a small thing to Him, although it was an extremely huge thing to David. It sounds like he realizes how blessed he is in comparison to others. God could have chosen someone else to bring Judah and Israel together, to defeat their enemies, to keep Israel's possession of their Promised Land, and to reign as their king. but God chose David, a man after God's own heart.

Do you feel the love between David and God? Oh, to have just 25% of that relationship. Yet, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Why can't we have 100% ? It is available to us, so it is you and me who keep it from being.

The love of God, how rich and pure, how measureless...
His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me....
Praise the Lord! We love You!!!
He gave His life for us to show us His loving heart. Will we give our life in His service to show our love to our Savior?


David called God Sovereign Lord 6 times in the NLT. That means David acknowledges God as being The One in control of all things, who He is and what He can do.
David says:
  • How great He is. (verse 22 NLT)
  • There is no one like God. (verse 22)
  • They had never even heard of another God like Him. (verse 22)
  • What nation on earth is like Your nation Israel? (verse 23)
  • What other nation has He redeemed to be His own people?(verse 23)
  • God redeemed them from slavery in Egypt. (verse 23)
  • He performed awesome miracles and drove out the nations and gods that stood in their way. (verse 23)
  • He made Israel His own people forever. (verse 23)
  • And He became their God. (verse 23)
Such a powerful prayer of David's. Is David singing God's praises here, I wonder. Does God feel our love when we sing praises to Him? I think so, friend. How often do we? David did in Psalm 44:1-8.

Redeem is used in verse 23 (KJV) and means to ransom, release, preserve, deliver by any means.

Jesus is our Blessed Redeemer who died on Calvary, One who knew no sin, died in our place so we do not have to pay for our sins. Such a love gift! A gift of love!

Has Jesus redeemed you from the penalty of your sins?


Thank You Jesus for being my Redeemer.

Please forgive me of my sins.

Thank You for all the blessing You have given me and my family.

Great are You Lord and I pour out my praise on You.

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