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Being Short Can be an Advantage"

O. T. #695  "Being Short Can be an Advantage"
February 15, 2016
2 Samuel 8
So David reigned over all Israel, administering justice and righteousness for all his people.
2 Samuel 8:15


There are times that it is to ones advantage that you are short in stature (rarely). I find it so when standing up on an airplane. While others have to bend their head down over the seat, I can stand tall without bumping mine. I have noticed others that are short like me (4'10"). Just this week a lady was in a local store. I started to say something to her, but decided against it. She may have been offended, since I was a few inches taller. Also, a nurse told me her mother was the same height as I am after she asked how tall I was. I wasn't embarrassed but proudly told her. And then, there are the famous short people with their own tv shows. Well, for some reason, David decided to spare the lives of the short soldiers in today's story.

If you like to explore new lands and new areas, then you will enjoy reading this chapter. Apparently the events in this chapter occurred before those in chapter 7. In 7:1 we read where David rested from his enemies. It is easier to keep up with all the conquering if you use a map. There we can see the expansion of David's kingdom under the hand of the Lord in all directions from Jerusalem.
David wanted to complete the conquest of Canaan begun by Joshua. David enlarged and expanded the borders of Israel through his leadership. God fulfilled HIs promise to David back in the previous chapter.

The three enemies which David conquered were:
  1. The Moabites-were the descendants of Lot and a result of incest with his daughter (Gen. 19). David's great-grandmother Ruth was a Moabitess. David spent some time there avoiding Saul in this territory where the Philistines lived. They posed a constant military and religious threat to Israel. Davd took the Moabite soldiers who were shorter than a cord tall as his servants, as well as the Ammonites, and Arameans.
  2.  King Hadadezer of Zobah-whose defeat fulfilled God's promise to Abraham that Israel would control all the land as far north as the Eurphrates River (Gen 15:18).
  3. The Edomites-were descendants of Esau (Gen. 36:1) and archenemies of Israel (2 Kings 8:20). God told Israel to leave them alone (Deut. 2:4-5), because they were relatives, but Edom refused to allow them to pass through their land as the traveled to the Promised Land. The Edomites and Israelites shared the same border and ancestor Issac. However, Israel looked down on them since they intermarried with the Canaanites.
[References: Life Application Study Bible and The Jeremiah Study Bible]

That background gives us a better understanding as to why these military victories were such an achievement. Are we hanging onto a special promise in God's Word? He is faithful, friends, so keep holding on. We may not see it come to pass in our lifetime, but our descendants may.


David took the gold shields and bronze items from the spoils of the conquered enemies and levied a tax, tribute for the Israeli government to show their control. Later, Solomon gave the gold and silver to the priests to build the Temple of God (1 Kings 7:51)

David's purpose was to conquer and his son's purpose was to build the Temple. As David did so, he used the materials of his enemies to store up for the beautiful place of worship and the Ark of God to be housed.

Do we use he things we have for God's use and glory?

If I give all my possessions away to feed the poor, yet have not love, it profits me nothing, according to 1 Corinthians 13:3.

Verses 15-18 lists the positions David appointed and names the men who held them in his kingdom. Everyone has an important job to do, whether it is in the king's court or in the fields.


Use whatever I have for the Lord's work and glory.

Be happy with my height or shortness, for God made me this way for His honor.

Be grateful for all things.

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