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Eating at the King's Table

O. T. #697  "Eating at the King's Table"
February 17, 2016
2 Samuel 9-Part 2
And Mephibosheth, who was crippled in both feet, lived in Jerusalem and ate regularly at the king's table.  2 Samuel 9:13


I recall the special holidays growing up when Mom would serve a bountiful meal on a beautifully set table. She had the white lace tablecloth, china, silverware, glass glasses (not crystal, though). There would be a large roasted turkey, homemade rolls, many choice vegetables (usually our favorites), a salad or two, topped off with homemade pies and cakes.
Now hat I have inherited all those utensils, I don't use them anymore. Shame on me. It seems that I didn't inherit the love of cooking from her. I have let my health issues get me down and used them for excuses of not entertaining guests for dinner. Maybe it is time to change all of that. I could begin with my family and extend to others. Hmm.
Well, David sat at the king's table, for he was the king of Israel. He had guests included at his table for dinner, also. Shall we pull back the dinning room curtains and peek inside?

If you have been following us regularly, you will know the answer to this question. Who is Mephibosheth? In case you are a new visitor, I will review. He was the only living son of Jonathan and grandson of King Saul of Israel. King David had promised his best friend Jonathan, when they were lads-David would remember Jonathan's family when he was gone. David intended on keeping that promise. And so he did.

In this chapter, we read where David sent for that son, Mephibosheth. There was something unique about the young man, he was crippled in both feet. It happened when he was a child and his nurse dropped him while fleeing to protect the boy's live. Now years have passed and David is on the throne of Israel, resting from his battles.

David recalled his promise, inquired of his servant Ziba (who had been Saul's servant also) as to any living relatives of Jonathan. I wonder if David had been sitting reminiscing about the old days. Anyway, Ziba knew who and where the guy lived that was Jonathan's son. Mephibosheth was brought into the presence of the king.

Meph was afraid fro his life, which would have been acceptable for David to take, so no rivals of past kings would rise up against him. However, David was merciful and gracious to Meph. He gave Meph all the possession that belonged to King Saul, his grandfather. That included land, which resulted in great riches for Mephibosheth and his family. Ziba's sons were given to Meph as his servants, also.

So Meph moved to Jerusalem. He and his family ate at the king's table like a son of David. Can you see David's family sitting around that very large table? The table could have been very eloquently set with silver utensils or just plainly set with simple ones.

The dinner bell rings and here come the family and guests. Do you see Ammon, a witty and clever son who comes in first? Then there is Joab, the muscular soldier and captain of the army, followed by Absalom, the most handsome son. Now comes the beautiful  daughter Tamar, along with Solomon, who had been studying.

That's not everyone. Listen, do you hear it? Clump, clump, clump, clump and no one looks up because they knew it was Mephibosheth (and his son) entering. They were used to the sound of his entrance. Meph smiles and takes his seat at the king's table as one of his sons. Then the tablecloth of grace covers his feet. With everyone there, they bow their heads as King David gives thanks to his God for all the blessings visible before him at the table. (Being the author of many Psalms, it probably was not a short prayer.)  What a sight to have seen. This would have been a regular and familiar scene. (Thanks to Charles Swindoll for some of the descriptions.)

Who do we invite to our table to eat with us? Are we inviting others to dine with us at the Lord's table on Sundays in worship?


What can we learn from this biblical story about a cripple?
Charles Swindoll explains in his book entitled David:
  • Mephibosheth had nothing, deserved nothing, could repay nothing, in fact, he didn't even try to win the king's favor. He was hiding from the king. The same is true of us. We deserved nothing, had nothing, and could offer God nothing. We were hiding when He found us. Grace. That's what God does for us, demonstrating love and forgiveness we can't earn, don't deserve, and will never be able to repay. God takes us just as we are, crutches and hang-ups and liabilities, and all.
  • David took this broken, handicapped person from a hiding place where there was no pastureland and brought him to the place of plenty, right into the very courtroom of the king. God has brought us to a place of fellowship with Him.
  • David adopted Mephibosheth into his family, and he became one of the king's sons. This is what God has done for the believing sinner-adopted us into His family.
  • God chose us in our sinful and rebellious condition and in grace took us from a barren place and gave us a place at His table. And, in love, allowed His tablecloth of grace to cover our sin.
Can you feel the Father's love? Have you experienced His grace. It is so amazing!

For a few minutes or hours, let go of the busy to-do list and focus on getting to The Table, His Table-The Word of God.

Daily sit at God's table, covered with His grace, feeding on His Words of Life.

Be filled with His love, His grace, His mercy, His loving kindness.

Drink from the Living Water.

Invite others to dine with me at the Master's Table.

Thank God for His Grace!

Act like a child of the King today.

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