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Plan A

O. T. #704  "Plan A"
February 29, 2016
2 Samuel 11-Part 4
Then David sent word to Joab: "Send me Uriah, the Hittite."  2 Samuel 11:6a NLT


As we attended our business conference held in San Diego last week, we stayed in a lovely hotel on the bay front, with our room on the 18th floor. We could look out our window and see so many sights-the beautiful blue bay water, a 2 mile long bridge connecting the land with an island, a ship from Costa Rica unloading truck pods full of Dole fruit at the shipping dock, and palm trees. Also, down below us we had full view of the swimming pools and women sunbathing in bikinis. My husband had to focus on the right views. Like David, he could have been tempted into sin with beautiful women. However, his focus did not end up as David's did. Throughout the day, by focusing on the right views, we learned how those huge pods were unloaded  and placed on the tractor trailer to move into the warehouse. (They used giant claws.) It took two days to unload so many pods, then it was gone. That is how we can enjoy fruit around our country. (I don't know if the fruit was canned before or after shipping it or whether I was fresh fruit.)

It was a one night stand with King David and Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, a faithful warrior in Israel's army. And she became pregnant with David's child while the wife of another man. We will see how this one sin of David's leads him further down the wrong path.

It was the season for warfare. David was not with his army. He was taking the day off, lounging around the palace. He was not where he was supposed to be. He went walking out on his roof to get some fresh air, to overlook his kingdom, to get a clear mind, or whatever. Then he caught sight of a beautiful woman bathing on her roof and sent for her. Lust turned into adultery. Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, was out in the battlefield during this episode.

David didn't fall suddenly; some chinks had already begun to form in his spiritual armor. Clearly, David realized his God-given privilege. He realized the hand of God was on him. He realized that the Lord's blessing was abundant. But there were areas of private neglect beginning to take their toll. (Swindoll)

2 Samuel 5:13 tells us that David took more concubines and wives from Jerusalem and he had more children. This contradicted God's commands in Deuteronomy 17:14-17, which says the king whom the Lord appointed over Israel was to not have multiple wives for himself.

David was in his fifty's and at an all-time high in his success story. He had money power, authority, and fame. Although, his polygamy eroded his integrity. Those wives and concubines turned the heart of the king from the Lord.
Indulgence was another chink in David's armor. If he had only been where he belonged, with his troops, then the Bathsheba episode would never have occurred.

Swindoll warns us:
  • Our greatest battles don't usually come when we're working hard; they come when we have some leisure, when we've got time on our hands, when we're bored.
  • Ladies should give thought to what they buy and give thought before they buy.
  • Women need to give thought to their actions, dress, looks, and conduct.
  • Men should not linger when they happen upon some alluring object, but turn away and refuse to linger.
  • If you don't run, you will fall. It's only a matter of time. David took a second look, was staring and blinded by desire.

David was not a wild rebel or a sexual pervert, but he was one who fell into a period of sin, and that sin had devastating consequences for his family, his reign, and his nation. We are to take heed lest we fall no matter our age. No one ever gets too young or ever gets too old to fall. (Swindoll)

When faced with situations of two apparent choices, we must not loose sight of what God wants.

Ladies, are we striving to be alluring to only our husband?
Men, are you guarding your eyes, mind, and heart so they are faithful to your wife?
Everyone, are we staying faithful to God and in His Word?
Let's be determined before the temptations come.


Bathsheba is pregnant and sent word to David (verse 5)
What would he do? Her husband was one of David's loyal and mighty warriors out on the battlefield. It would be obvious that the child was not Uriah's. Besides, David's messengers knew what was going on, but kept silent.

Hey now, David's decision could go in either of two directions. First, he could confess his guilt of sin before the Lord God, counselors, and nation. That was the path he should have taken. The other path, which he took, was one of deception and hypocrisy. Choosing to lie and deceive effected David's family in years to come.

What did David do next while traveling on the wrong path? He made several wrong turns:
  • He sends a message to Joab to send Uriah the Hittite to the palace to see him.
  • During a steak dinner or maybe it was mutton, David asks Uriah how the battle, the men, and Joab were doing. It was a pretention of consultation.
  • This first time, David gave Uriah permission to go home and rest, as well as gave him a gift (probably a doggy bag of meat). David was trying to absolve his guilt by giving Uriah the opportunity to be with his wife.
How did David's first scheme, plan A, turn out?
Uriah, the faithful warrior, did not go home. (verse 9)
To David's surprise, Uriah slept at the door of the king's house, not with his wife.
Uriah refused to enjoy the luxury, comfort, and pleasures at home while his army and commander were out in the battle.

Uriah was a foreigner, yet he was loyal to Israel. That made David's double sin all the greater. (McGee)

David tried to make it appear that the child was Uriah's, the husband of Bathsheba. All would have turned out well if that had happened, so David thought. However, his plan A did not go as planned. Did you notice it only took David 6 verses to execute plan A?
Does David have a plan B?

When we follow the wrong path leading to sin, do we use similar methods, which lead us further down the road? Or do we confess our sin, turn around, and get on the right path with God? (The wrong path can lead us to various wrong decisions, not just adultery.)

God forgives sins, friend and throws them as far as the east is from the west and remembers them no more. We are the ones who keep bringing them up and beating our self up with them. Leave them at the cross, covered with the blood of Jesus. God on and live for God on His path. Learn from our wrong paths.


Watch my actions, dress, looks, and conduct so they honor God and are loyal to my husband.

Protect my husband's eyes.

Confess my sins and turn from them.

Stay on the right path God has me on today.

Be careful little eyes what you see, ears what you hear, feet where you go, for the Father up above is looking down on us. Oh be careful!

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