Monday, February 22, 2016

In the End

O. T. #700  "In the End"
February 22, 2016
2 Samuel 10-Part 3
After that, the Arameans were no longer willing to help the Ammonites.  2 Samuel 10:19 NLT


What's happening now to David? Another battle for David was foolishly started by the Ammonites. What he meant for good, they took as evil. King Nahash,s father had died and David sent ambassadors to show his sympathy, but they considered that the men were only spying. As a result, the Ammonites shaved half of each of those men's beards and cut off half of the robes, exposing their behinds, which was humiliating.

Then the ammonites realized they had caused David to become angry. So they prepared to protect themselves by hiring Syrian solders (33,000 total) to join their army.

How does word get around back then? It sure seemed to. The Ammonite troops protected the gates of their city while the hires went into the fields to fight.

Hanun didn't admit his fault, but prepared for war instead.

It can be a difficult thing, admitting our wrongs and mistakes, even sins. Do we apologize, seeking peace, or let it go on and on without trying to make amends?

David's army commander was Joab. He told his troops ahead of the battle, Be strong! We must prove ourselves strong for our people and for the cities of God. May the Lord's will be done.
(verse 12)

They should use their minds to figure out the best technique and using their resources. Joab knew the outcome was in God's hands. (Life Application Study Bible)

Are we using our minds and resources to obey God? Do we trust Him for the outcome?


As Joab and the Israeli army advanced toward the hired soldiers in the field near the city of the Ammorites, and the hired soldiers fled away. Seeing them running, the Ammorites ran, too. It doesn't pay to pay someone to do your dirty work, does it? I have seen people do that. They talk about a situation and persuade another person to confront one, being ugly in the approach. Getting chewed out isn't fun, especially when you are in the right in the first place and one will not accept it. In the long scope of it all, God sees all and knows all. He takes revenge for us when we let Him. Usually, it turns out to be harsher than we would have done to get back at them.

Then the Arameans called Syrians, summoned more of their troops across the Euphrates River. This time David led his troops into battle, but the Arameans fled. David's forces killed 7,000 charioteers and 40,000 foot soldiers. This resulted in the Arameans surrendering and becoming servants of David. After that, the Armeans would not help the Ammonites.

God gave Israeli army victory so they returned back to Jerusalem.

Sometimes you have to stand up against the wrong, even if you are alone, even if the opposition is strong. With God on our side, we will be victorious in the end.


Stand strong in the Lord.

Be courageous and fight for God's will to be done.

See God fight for me, and give Him the glory for the victory.

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