Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Warm Reception

O. T. #696  "A Warm Reception"
February 16, 2016
2 Samuel 9
David said, "Greetings, Mephibosheth." 2 Samuel 9:6


Welcome, friends. Have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Would you like any refreshments before we begin feasting at God's table today? I hope you brought a big appetite.
Can you feel the warm reception of love when you enter one's house and they greet you at the door with a welcome? That is why I don't holler, "Come on in." Instead, I get up and go to the door and smilingly welcome my friend inside. God is that way to us as we enter the throne room in prayer. David did so toward Saul's grandson in our lesson today.

What a beautiful story this is. In that time, most kings would attempt to wipe out, banish, kill, any descendants of the previous king whenever they took over a throne. David was the exception. He wanted to show kindness (chesed) to anyone left inking Saul or Jonathan's family.

Chesed is better translated love. The same word is frequently used of God's undeserved love and care to us as His people.

In showing love to Jonathan's son, David is portrayed at his best. David did not forget his oath to his friend Jonathan.(1 Sam. 20:42). Since God had been so good to him, he wanted to show love to the descendants of Jonathan. This was unusual.

So David asked his servant Ziba for any information concerning this. He asked the right man, because Ziba knew exactly who it was, Jonathan's son who was crippled, lame in boot feet.(verse 3) Not only did Ziba know the young man's name, Mephibosheth, he also knew exactly where he was and that he was still alive.

This must have excited David. His friendship and love for Jonathan could be revived through his son. so David sent for him, Mephibosheth, to come to see the king. However, Meph did not deserve such.

Do you see a similarity we have here? When sin has us crippled, God sends for us, bids us to come into the King's palace and family. It happens when we are so undeserving, in filthy rags of sin. Yet He bids us to come. He is ready to show us chesed, loving kindness.

Will we show this loving kindness to others?


Mephibosheth had about a 10 mile ride to visit King David. When he arrived, Meph bowed low to the ground in deep respect for the king of Israel. Don't you know this man was a bit apprehensive in all of this? It could have been a false pretense sending for him so the king could show him kindness. "Off with his head," could have been commanded and it would have been so. However, that was not David's intention at all.

Meph received a warm reception from King David. His servants must have been helpful, too.

What happens as Meph is in the presence of King David?
David tells Mephibosheth:
  • to not be afraid, which would have been a natural reaction to being summoned by a king;
  • that he intends to show kindness to Meph because of his promise to Meph's father, Jonathan;
  • he will give all the property (land) to him that belonged to his grandfather Saul;
  • that he will eat with David at his table.
How did Meph react? He respectfully bowed low again and asked, "Who is your servant, that you should show such kindness to a dead dog like me?"

David desired to honor Mephibosheth by bringing him into the royal palace and providing for his daily needs (2 Kings 25:29). (MacArthur)

A dead dog was considered contemptible and useless. Meph saw himself as such in that he knew that he had not merited David's kindness and that there was no way for him to repay it. David's offer was an extraordinary expression of grace and beauty to his covenant with Jonathan. (MacArthur)

Expecting to be executed, Meph was shown kindness by the king. Friends, we are like Meph. We don't deserve the loving kindness of mercy and grace that God shows us dead dog sinners. But when we repent, seeking His forgiveness, God forgives us. As if that were not enough, He goes the beyond and brings us to his table to eat (spiritually). He adopts us as one of His children and we can talk to our Heavenly Father because King Jesus has made the preparations. Now that is a warm reception in my book!

Yes, yes Lord. Amen.

Lord, bid me come dine at Your table of grace and mercy, filled with loving kindness. Send me out to share it with a hungry world. Let me take this unending love and amazing grace to those hungry for it. Show me how to bring them to Your banqueting table.


Daily feast on God's Word for my spiritual food.

Digest it by applying it in my life.

Give it away-grace, mercy, loving kindness to others.

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