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Promises, Promises

O. T. #691  "Promises, Promises"
February 9, 2016
2 Samuel 7-Part 2
I will... verses 9-16


I realize that there are some people who do not keep their promises. However,we can count on God to keep all His promises. I find comfort in that, don't you? David received some promises from God. Let's look at them.

David was at rest with his enemies. David acknowledged to the Prophet Nathan that the palace in which he lived was more elaborate than the tent of curtains in which the Ark of God was located. Nathan gave his approval for David to do whatever to remedy that, but without consulting the Lord for His will in the matter.

David's plans sounded good. Nathan couldn't think of anything better than building a house for God. Yet, he was wrong as to who would be the one God chose to build it. David was not the one, for he was a warrior, a man who had shed blood. We know it was David's son Solomon who carried out his father's plans. It was David who gathered all the materials and made all the arrangements with the contractor. Why do we call it Solomon's temple instead of David's temple?

Anyway, that night the Lord told Nathan what to say to David concerning it. He was to tell David that God had taken him from the sheep pasture, been with him wherever he went, and destroyed his enemies.

Look at all the "I wills" which God said to David:
  • make David's name more famous than anyone who ever lived on earth; (verse 9)
  • provide a homeland for God's people Israel: (verse 10)
  • plant Israel in a secure place where they would never be disturbed; (verse 10b)
  • evil nations would not oppress them as in the past, starting from the time He appointed judges to rule Israel; (verse 10c)
  • He would give David rest over all his enemies; (verse 11)
  • He would make a house of dynasty of kings through David; (verse 11)
  • after David dies, God will raise up one of his descendants, offspring, and make his kingdom strong; (verse 12)
  • this one will build a temple for God; (verse 13)
  • God would secure his royal throne forever; (verse 13)
  • God would be his father and he would be His son; (verse 14)
  • if he sinned, God would discipline him with the rod , like a father would do;(verse 14)
  • God's favor would not be taken from him as with Saul (verse 15)
  • David's house and kingdom would continue before God for all time; (verse 16)
  • David's throne would be secure forever. (verse 16) 
This is what we call the Davidic Covenant. David wanted to build God a house of stone while God was going to build David a royal house. David lineage lead to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, being one of his family members, who is reigning on His eternal throne in heaven. Soon He will reign a thousand years here on earth, upon the throne of David. We see it in Luke 1:32.

In John 1:14, Christ, who is the Word, became flesh and tabernacle, dwelt, among us. He humbled Himself, dwelling in the tabernacle as Israel journeyed through the wilderness. He walked upon this earth as a God man in flesh, and became our sacrifice for our sins. There is no one else who deserves to be sitting upon the throne with God than His Son.

Is Jesus reigning upon the throne of our hearts?


These binding agreements that God would fulfill are called covenants. Some commentaries describe a covenant as promises which God made to His people, while others describe it as a legally binding obligation.
MacArthur tells us of the 5 divinely originated covenants described as everlasting:
  1. Noahic (Genesis 8-9)
  2. Abrahamic (Genesis 17) [descendants would be numerous as the sand, reside in the Promised Land, establish a theocratic nation-land, seed, blessing]
  3. priestly (Numbers 25)
  4. Mosaic
  5. Davidic (2 Samuel 23:5)
  6. and new (Jeremiah 32:40).
Life Application Study Bible lists 7 covenants that God made:
  1. In Eden (Gen. 3:15) where Satan and mankind will be enemies;
  2. Noah (Genesis 9:8-17) where God promised to never destroy the earth with a flood;
  3. Abraham (Genesis 15:12-21,17:1-14) with God making Israel a great nation and be their God forever
  4. At Mt. Sinai (Ex. 19:5-6) if Israel would obey their part then they would be God's special people, a holy nation;
  5. The Priesthood (Numbers 25:10-13) as Aaron's descendants would forever be priests;
  6. David (2 Sam. 7:13. 23:5) would have his line through the Messiah;
  7. New Covenant (Hebrews 8:6-13) with forgiveness and salvation in Christ.
God keeps His Word. We know that is true because of all the fulfillments found in it. We trust Jesus as our Savior, we will have eternal life in heaven. Are we fulfilling our part by obeying His Word?


Keep my promises.

Obey God's Word.

Trust Him to keep His Word.

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