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Little Decisions, Big Mistakes

O. T. #701  "Little Decisions, Big Mistakes"
February 23, 2016
2 Samuel 11
In the spring of the year, when kings normally go out to war, David sent Joab and the Israelite army to fight the Ammonites.  2 Samuel 11:1 NLT


What are the three things that we remember about David? He killed Goliath the giant, he became king over Judah and Israel, and he committed adultery and murder so he could have Bathsheba as his wife.

We have read about the triumphs of David, but now we see the trouble of David. God raised up David to be one of the great kings of the earth. However, this "man after God's own heart" was a sinner like you and me. David's noted sin led his life into a series of heartbreaks. It is stands out like blackberries in a bowl of ice cream, bitter with the sweet. Scripture doesn't play down his sin, for God calls it sin and David is punished for it. This man brings trouble into his house by one act.

Lest we point our fingers in disappointment toward David, we can find fornication, adultery, and sin in a closet in our own family, whether in the past or the present. So, we will not excuse it, nor enlarge it. We will call it what it is-sin is sin against God, and can be against others, also. God forgives confessed sin. So I am not going to look for any rocks to throw. Stay with me, friends.

Look at verse 1. What time of the year was it? It was the season when kings went to war. What does that mean? It's like the "open season" for hunters in our states. It is the only acceptable and lawful time to hunt and kill certain animals and birds. This protects the animals so the mothers are around to raise their babies. Now, we also have a number that limits the hunter as to how many they can kill in a season, also. This is so protects the hunted, so they do not become scarce. (That was free, in case you don't know how it is for the county folk.)

For a little background and we can better understand, Life Application Study Bible explains the situation:
Winter is the rainy season in Israel when crops are planted. Spring was a good time to go to war because the roads were dry, making travel easier for  troop movement, supply wagons, and chariots. In Israel, wheat and barley were ready to be harvested in the spring. These crops were an important food source  for traveling armies.
David's son Solomon said it well as he wrote Ecclesiastes chapter 3:
For every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose  under the heaven. (verse 1)

He says there is a time to be born and die; to kill and heal; to break down and build up; to weep and laugh; to mourn and dance; to cast away and gather stones; to embrace and refrain from embracing; to get and loose; to keep and cast away; to rend and sew; to keep silent and to speak; to love and hate; to war and be at peace.

Didn't Solomon pretty well sum up life? He covered all aspects of what we experience.
How do we handle those times? Do we all them to separate us from our God or to bring us closer to Him?


That explains why spring was the time of the year when kings normally go to war. Although, this time, David did not join his troops in battle. No, he sent Joab, his army commander, and his Israelite army to fight the Ammonites. What resulted? They destroyed the Ammonite army and laid siege to the city of Rabbah.

The successful siege put an end to the Ammonites power. From this time on, the Ammonites were subject to Israel. (12:26-27) Life Application Study Bible

Victory was had for Israel, but without David leading. Instead, he was leading them down the path of sin, adultery.

Verse 1 says, However, David stayed behind in Jerusalem.

That was how he made his mistake. Normally, David was leading his army, but this time, for some unknown reason to us, he did not this time. Little did he know at the time that one little decision was going to end up in a big mistake. Whether David was just tired physically or tired of the battles, he still didn't go. I read that he would have been in his 50's by this time. We can speculate down the road, but it really doesn't matter in the scope of things, does it? He chose to stay behind in Jerusalem, in his palace.

There was a time that I was headed down the wrong road due to a little decision, but thankfully, the situation did not end up in a big mistake, and ruin my life, as it could have. God got me out of it before that happened. Thank You God for rescuing me, even when I didn't know I needed it.

Are we aware of how important even our little decisions can be for us? Do we seek the Lord's direction for them? Do we even stop to think that our little decisions can lead to our big mistakes?


Be where the Lord wants me to be.

Seek His will, always.

Consider the little decisions outcomes of what could happen.

Let of the wrong decisions made in the past and life in the present.

Thank You Jesus for Your forgiveness.

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