Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Whatever You Say

O. T. #627  "Whatever You Say"
November 3, 2015
1 Samuel 20-Part 2
Then said Jonathan to David, Whatsoever thy soul desireth, I will even do it for thee.  1 Samuel 20:4


Are you like me in that I tend to be bent to doing things my way and wanting my way? It is a difficult thing to give up my desires to do what another wants. I admit it. My self-center flesh wants it's own way. But there is hope for me. Jonathan was willing to do whatever his friend David desired of him.

It took some doin's. David worked hard to convince his best friend, Jonathan, Saul's son, that Saul was intending to kill David. He did it, though. Reading our key verse, Jonathan is convinced, offering David to do whatever he wanted Jon to do for him.

The word desireth, in Hebrew, means to say, command, declare, demand. (Strong Concordance)

Jon was saying, "Whatever. Just say the word, Dav, and I'll do it for you. Consider it done, my friend."

How do we respond to the desires and commands of our Lord?

Psalm 37:4 NLT instructs us to Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart's desire.

Did you catch it, dear one? God is going to place His desire in your heart when we delight in Him. Often this verse is turned around for our benefit. We want it to say that God will give us whatever WE want. No, that is not how it goes.
Are we willing to tell the Lord, "Whatever You say, whatever You command, whatever You want, Lord, I will do. Yes, whatever, Lord."
His way is the only way to go.


What did David want Jonathan to do for him?
  • The next day the celebration of the new moon festival was planned. David had always eaten with the king on this occasion, but not this time. He was going to hide in the field and stay until the third evening.
  • If Saul asked where David was, tell him that he had permission to go home to Bethlehem for his family's annual sacrifice.
  • If Saul answered, "Fine" then Jonathan would know all is well.
  • However, if Saul gets angry and loses his temper, Jonathan would know he is determined to kill David.
  • David asked Jonathan to be his loyal friend. Don't betray him now.
How did Jonathan answer David? He would never betray David. If he had the slightest notion of his father planning to kill his friend, Jonathan would tell David at once.

the two friends had to devise a plan so David would know if Saul was angry with him or not. Either way, Jonathan would let David know the outcome.
Look at verse 14. And may you treat me with the faithful love of the LORD as long as I live. But if I die, treat my family with this faithful love, even when the LORD destroys all your enemies from the face of the earth.

The two young men reaffirmed their vows of friendship.
We will discuss their plan in the next post.

Do we treat God's family with faithful love for one another?
Do we keep our vows we make?


Commit to whatever the Lord desires.

Whatever His Word and His Spirit tell me to do, do it.

Be a faithful follower of Jesus.

Be a faithful friend to others.

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