Friday, November 13, 2015

Down Time

O. T. #635  "Down Time"
November 13, 2015
1 Samuel 22-Part 2
...and there were with him about four hundred. 1 Samuel 22:2


We aren't finished with David's cave experience. In verses 1 and 2, we read of those men who came to support him and join Dav's army-his brothers and relatives, men in trouble or in debt and those discontented. They totaled 400. Now that's no small spare-of-the-moment army in my books. Well, there are more to come.

I Chronicles 12: 8-18 tells us about it:
  • Brave and experienced warriors from the tribe of Gad, were experts with spears and shields, as fierce as lions and swift as deer came to David's stronghold.
  • Eleven of those men are mentioned by name as being army commanders.
  • Their weakest could take on 100 troops, while the strongest could take on 1,000.
  • These men crossed the Jordan River during flood stage. This was serious support for David.
  • Others from Judah and Benjamin tribes came to David at his stronghold.
When we get down, look around, we have a support group larger than we can imagine. With God on our side, we are not outnumbered.
Do we support those who are down?


David went out to meet these men of Benjamin and Judah. He asked if they came in peace to help him, and if so they would be friends. If they came to betray him as enemies, while David was innocent, they may God see it and punish them.
Amasai had the Spirit come upon him and he answered David:
  • We are on your side.
  • Peace and prosperity be with you.
  • Success to all who help you.
  • God is the one who helps you. (NLT)
David let them join him and he made them officers over his troops.

Do we help our friends find the peace and success with God that we have?


Turn from me to thee.

Help encourage others when they are down, lifting them up (to the throne of Grace).

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