Friday, November 27, 2015

In Time of Temptation

O. T. #644  "In Time of Temptation"
November 27, 2015
1 Samuel 24
The LORD forbid that I should do this...   1 Samuel 24:6


Saul took 3,000 men from Israel to seek David at Engedi, where David was camped. On the way, Saul answered nature's call (use restroom) and went into the cave to answer it. This was the same cave where David and his men were camped in the back. What a vulnerable time. No coincidence.

During this time, David and his men have a quiet conversation. They encouraged him to kill Saul, saying it was God's opportunity for David. However, David not take advantage of the opportune time, restraining himself, and only cut off a piece of the hem of the king's robe.

Afterwards, David felt guilty for doing even that small thing. He had refused to attack the Lord's anointed, for the Lord Himself chose Saul. David had respect for the office which Saul held-king of Israel, even though Saul was out of God's will. Do you see why God called David a man after His own heart? David was very tenderhearted when he was young.

What do we do in time of temptation? Do we yield or resist with the help of the Lord? Even when others see nothing wrong with an act, and we know it is contrary to God's Word, what will we do?

There's no such thing as a small step on the road to temptation or on the pathway to revenge and retaliation. Even a small step in that direction is a wrong step. (Swindoll)


Picture this in your mind, the king lays his outer robe on the ground, squats to relieve himself, and probably his men are guarding the cave outside. David and his men are in the back of that very cave, dark and large, discussing killing the king right then and there. Finishing him off without a struggle, insisting that God arranged the circumstances for David, but he does not allow it.

According to verse 7, David persuaded his men with his words and did not allow his men to rise up against Saul. Unbeknowing to Saul, he arose, left the cave, and went on his way.

Persuaded literally means tore apart.

David tore his men apart with his words. They may have batted words of justification for killing the king back and forth. David stood for a righteous principle until they were persuaded.

We read the same Hebrew word in Isaiah 53, referring to Jesus' suffering in the future:
He was wounded for our transgressions. It means pierced through, torn apart, ripped. 
The physical beating before the cross, then having nails driven in his hands and feet. Oh, the mental and emotional anguish Christ endured for you and me to provide our salvation free to us. such love.

How can we rationalize a wrong we are about to do? Do we hear the hammer on the nails?

Our godly lifestyle and obedience to God is a witness to others. Who knows how many are watching you and me and our reactions to situations or words.


Don't compromise my beliefs and the Word of God; make the right decisions.

Don't take advantage of our enemies when they are down.

Stop holding onto the world and go with God.

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