Friday, November 20, 2015

Asking a Fourth Time

O. T. #639  "Asking a Fourth Time"
November 20, 2015
1 Samuel 23-Part 1
David asked the LORD...   1 Samuel 22:1, 4, 9, 12  NLT


Sometimes my prayer was answered the first time, and then some prayers are not answered yet. I wait. I pray, asking a fourth, fifth, sixth time, well, continually. I want to know which way and on what path the Lord is leading me. Meanwhile, I continue to do what He has for me to do, here and now.

One day news came to David that the Philistines were at it again. They were stealing grain from the threshing floors at the city of Keilah. so David asked the LORD if he should go and attack them. He received a go. The problem was, his men were afraid to fight the whole Philistine army. So David consulted the LORD again. Go was the answer a second time. The Lord said He would help them conquer the Philistines.
David and his men went to Keilah and slaughtered the Philistines. They took their livestock and rescued the people of Keilah.

Do we let the Lord use us to accomplish His purposes? Are we willing? Do we ask Him what He wants us to do today? When we know the answer, do we do it? Then, do we give God the glory?


Soon Saul heard what David did at Keilah. He thought David had trapped himself in a walled city, easy for Saul to kill this time. Saul sent his army to do the task. It was a plan which David learned about before he was captured. Ho does he keep finding out Saul's plans?
 A third time the scriptures says that David asked the Lord if Saul was coming. Affirmative. David did not want the city destroyed because he was there in its midst. David went to the One who knows all things, his God, a fourth time. He asked if the leaders of Keilah would betray him and his men to Saul. Yes was the answer another time.

What will happen to David and his 600 men, a growing army? The next chapter will tell us, so stay with us, friends.

Just how faithful are we to listen to the Lord's answer and do it? Is our relationship with Him as strong as David's that we seek His will in in all things and obey?


Be ready to go when the Lord says for me to go.

Ask, seek, knock, and I will receive, find, have the way opened.

Be ready to go when and where the Lord says for me to go.

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