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Three Arrows Signified His Future

O. T. #630  "Three Arrows Signified His Future"
November 6, 2015
1 Samuel 20-Part 5
And I will shoot three arrows on the side thereof, as though I shot at a mark.  1 Samuel 20:20


What are we counting on to determine our future? Is it money, social media, family, or the Lord? David depended upon the Lord. Three arrows signified how his future was going to go. David's life was hanging by a thin thread.

Here's the plan which David and Jonathan devised in order to inform David whether it was safe for him to stay near the king or if his life was in danger with the king intending to kill him:
  • Finally, the realization of the situation dawned upon Jonathan.
  • David was to stay by the stone Ezel, which means "stone of departure" at the field where they met. (verse 19)
  • Jonathan would tell his father, when asked about David's absence, that he went to visit his family to share their sacrifice time. Saul's reaction would determine the fate of David's life. (verse 28-29)
  • On the third day after the feast, Jonathan would go to the specified field with his servant lad. He would shoot 3 arrows to the side of the stone as if he were shooting at a target. (verse 20)
  • The words Jonathan said at that point would indicate what David was to do.
  • If Jonathan told the boy, "They're on this side," then David would know all was well and there was no trouble. (verse 21)
  • But, if Jon told the boy, "Go farther-the arrows are still ahead of you," then David must leave immediately for the LORD was sending him away. (verse 22)
  •  Jonathan added, "May the LORD make us keep our promises to each other, for He witnessed them." 
What a friend! His allegiance was to David instead of his own father, who was in the wrong trying to kill David, who was innocent of any wrong toward the king.
We will find out how the actions of one person can change the course of a person's life, such as David. (Through it all, Jonathan had the opportunity to kill David himself, but chose not to do so.)


What happened?
  • David's chair was empty at the king's table during the New Moon Festival for two days.
  • Saul inquired of Jon for the reason of Dav's absence. Jon told him Dav went home to celebrate the festival.
  • King Saul did not believe the story, boiled with rage at his son, swearing at him, saying he knew Jon wanted Dav to be king in Jon's place. Also, Saul told Jon to bring David to him so he could kill him.
  • When Jon asked his father why he wanted to put Dav to death and what he had done, Saul hurled his spear at Jonathan, intending to kill him.
  • That was when it became evident to Jonathan that David's life was in danger. 
  • Jonathan left his father's table in fierce anger and refused to eat the second day of the festival because he was crushed by his father's shameful behavior toward David.
  • Well, all went as planned between Jon and Dav.  
  • When Jon and his young servant went into the field where David was hiding. As though he was target practicing, Jon shot 3 arrows for the lad to fetch. He told the boy the arrow was ahead of him and to hurry, not wait.
  • David understood the signal-his life was in danger because Saul sought to kill him and he must leave.
  • Jon sent the boy back to town with his bow and arrows.
Then Jonathan and David said their good byes. David bowed 3 times to Jonathan, with his face to the ground, showing respect. As they embraced each other, they were in tears.(verse 41)
Finally, Jonathan told David to "Go in peace for we have sworn loyalty to each other in the LORD's name. The LORD is the witness of a bond between us and our children forever."
The David left and Jonathan returned to town. The two friends only met one more time shortly before Jonathan's death.
And so, David's life as a fugitive begins. This season of David's life ended. Until Saul's death, David was an outcast in the royal court.

Do young people realize how small moments can change the course of their life-one night with the wrong boy, doing the wrong thing; a boy runs with the wrong crowd one night and gets arrested?
Do we see how our life can change within a moment, a day? Are we depending upon God to take care of our life?


Keep my word when I tell someone I will do something.

Remain loyal a friend in spite of circumstances.

Attempt to help others mend relationships when possible.

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