Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tell Me the Truth

O. T. #628  "Tell Me the Truth"
November 4, 2015
1 Samuel 20-Part 3
But if my father is inclined to harm you, may the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely.
1 Samuel 20:13


I think I have seen everything now. This week I shopped at a nice store, was putting my purchases in the car, when the passenger of the car beside me came out and got into her car. I noticed she was very neatly dressed, including heels and jewelry. Then something caught my eye. I probably stared at her. She had on a burlap blouse with fringe. Probably, she paid dearly for it, too. I wanted to ask her where she got that feed sack like my dad used to get the hog feed and cattle feed in, but I resisted. I laughed most of the way home in disbelief. I said all of that to say, I hope my friends will tell me the truth about me. Not just my attire, but when I am in the wrong or need correcting. David and Jonathan had that kind of relationship.

When King Saul went to the city where David escaped to after escaping the king's sword, David ran to his best friend, Jonathan. It took some doings, but he finally convinced Jonathan that his father was pursuing him in order to kill David.

Jonathan made a pack and a plan with his friend David:
  • David would not attend the dinner celebrating the New Moon festival at the king's house.
  • David would go hide in a certain field for three nights.
  • If the king missed David's presence, then Jonathan would tell him David went home to Bethlehem to celebrate with his family. (verse 6)
  • Saul's response was what David was wanting to know.
  • If Saul answered, "Very well," then David would know he was safe and Saul was not intending to kill him any longer. (verse 7)
  • If Saul lost his temper, then that would prove the king was determined to harm David. (verse 7)
  • David asked Jonathan to show kindness to him, his servant, for they had a covenant before the Lord.
  • David went so far to tell Jonathan that if he was guilty, let Jonathan kill David himself, but not had him over to Saul.
Jonathan reaction was "NEVER!" If Jonathan had the least inkling that his father was determined to harm David, Jonathan would tell David.

Do you ever discuss with someone future things? Perhaps you want things managed a certain way if anything ever happens to you. You make the effort to let it be known to certain people, just in case you have an accident while out of town. We do that every time both of us fly, leaving specific instructions for our son.
Do you think David felt secure while he waited for Jonathan's answer? He had to trust Jonathan to keep his word and not reveal their secret.
Are you a friend that can be trusted with someone's secret?


This is quite a drama, isn't it? What goes on next?
  • David asks Jonathan who will tell him Saul's reaction.  David wants to know if he is safe or needs to leave the area, run for his life, so to speak.
  • Then Jonathan said unto David, "Come, and let us go out into the field." (verse 11)
  • So both of then went into the field.
  •  Jonathan told David he would send word the next day with all was favorable with his father and his friend.
  • Jonathan made a pack with David. If he did not inform David of Saul's intent to harm David, then may worse be done to him Jonathan.
  • Jonathan told David, "May the LORD be with you as He has been with my father."
  • Also, he asked David to show unfailing kindness like that of the LORD as long as he lived, so he would not be killed, nor his family. (Jonathan was next in line for kingship if Saul died, and his son if Jonathan died.) After Saul and Jonathan died, in 2 Samuel, we read where David invited Jonathan's son, Mephibosheth, to dine at his table when David was king. He kept his promise.
Well, let's leave the results of this conversation until the next post. These guys have their pack and plan worked out, don't they?

Are you heading out into your mission field today? Has Jesus bid you to come go with Him to do His purpose? Are we prepared to show unfailing kindness of the Lord toward someone in need? Don't we all need that kindness from the Lord which is unfailing?


Be truthful when my fiends ask my opinion.

Show unfailing kindness to someone today.

Get ready to go with Jesus into His field of service.

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