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A Deceiving David

O. T. #631  "A Deceiving David"
November 9, 2015
1 Samuel 21
Why are you alone? Why is no one with you?  1 Samuel 21:1 NIV


Do you go places alone or with others? Do you go to church services alone? Today, David is alone when he ended up at the house of God.

Now David begins his wanderings in the wilderness. After saying his good byes and reaffirming his covenant made with Jonathan, David went to Nob, alone.

It is a city located between Jerusalem and Gibeah. It had become the center for Israelite worship after the destruction of Shiloh. (MacArthur)

So David goes into the Tabernacle and meets with Ahimelech, the priest. This is the first time he is mentioned in scripture. Who is this new person? He was the great grandson of the priest Eli, under whose training the prophet Samuel trained.

Life Application Study Bible suggests, either Abimelech was the Ahijah mentioned in 14:3, 18, or, more likely, he was Ahijah's successor.

MacArthur brings up a good point here. Not only is there a rejected king on the throne, but also a disqualified priest. You will recall that Eli's family was forever removed from the priesthood because Eli's sons blasphemed God back in chapter 2.

It sounds like Ahimelech knew who David previously was, a commander in Saul's army. I conclude this because the priest asks David why he was alone and why no one was with him.

Other translations say this in this way:
Holman and NAS-commissioned, a matter, the matter;
The Message-on a mission, strict orders, top secret, not a word of this to a soul.

Liberty Bible Commentary says, Ahiah is evidently the same person as Ahimelech (a synonymous name in Hebrew) who was later killed by Saul for helping David (22:16-18).

Where do we run when trouble has knocked at our life's door? Do we knock at the door to the heart of our King Jesus? Do we stop going to the house of God?


Continuing this conversation, we hear David's deceitful reply to Ahimelech's questions. Because David feared someone informing Saul of his location, he lies to the priest by saying he was on official business for the king. This lie led to the tragic death of 85 priests later.

NLT put it this way, The king has sent me on a private matter. He told me not to tell anyone why I am here. I have told my men where to meet me later.

You mean to tell me that this shepherd boy, who was chosen to be Israel's next king, the one who faced and brought down a 9 foot giant Philistine, a man after God's own heart, is afraid of Saul? David had experienced the power of his God who gave him victory in what seemed to be an impossible situation. David was the one who wanted the world to know that there was a God in Israel. Where is his faith and trust in this God to protect him? I'm disappoint, David. (Okay, I admit that I have told a lie in my lifetime.) We can't be too hard on David can we. As we point one finger at him, three are pointing back at us.

Does our faith falter at times like David's did? Do we keep trusting God no matter what comes into our life?
 Do we show the world that there is a God who reigns in our life? God desires to strongly support those whose hearts are completely His. Do others know our heart belongs fully to God? (Desiring God's Own Heart by Kay and David Arthur)


Run to the throne of my God and slide in on my knees asking for His help when my situation becomes too much for me to handle.

Don't run away when the winds and waves are overwhelming to me. Talk to the On who created them and walked on water, spoke and they ceased.

Tell the truth no matter the cost.

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