Thursday, March 8, 2018

Suffering in a Storm

O. T. #1165  "Suffering in a Storm"
March 8, 2018
Lessons From Job


Mercy me, batten down the hatches. The wind was so strong this week that it blew my porch swing down. (It was detached from the chains used to hold it up.) Clouds rolled in, but brought no rain. I sought refuge inside the house after getting groceries indoors.
Where do you seek refuge when your storm comes? When suffering comes upon you? Strong winds blew upon Job's family and took away 10 of his children. Other storms of life removed his wealth and health.
But there are other kinds of storms people experience, like Job.

Jesus is with us while we are suffering in a storm, troubled in trials, weary and worn out in the world. Through this book study, we have learned some things about suffering:

  1. It may be an attack from Satan. 
  2. It might be a chastening from God due to my sin.
  3. It could be preparing me for a special service, teaching compassion for those who suffer.
  4. I could be selected for testing like Job.
  5. It could be a result of natural consequences for which I am not directly responsible.
  6. Suffering could be due to some unknown reason. (Life Application Study Bible) 

The help we can receive during our suffering will come from God when we call upon Him, confess our sin, trust His purpose to be worked through us, ask for compassion for others suffering, and seek His strength to live above it. Looking up, we can understand that suffering is an opportunity to turn to God. Nothing is impossible for Him.


  Do we realize that the book of Job is tied to the New Testament? Job's questions and problems are answered perfectly in Jesus:

  • We need someone to help us approach God. Job 9:32-33 (1Timothy 2:5-There's one God and One Mediator, Jesus Christ.)
  • Is there life after death? Job 14:14 (John 11:25-Believing in Jesus results in eternal life in heaven.)
  • There is One in heaven working on our behalf  Job 16:19 (Hebrews 9:24-Jesus appears in the presence of God for us.)
  • There is One who can save us from judgment. Job 19:25 (Hebrews 7:24-25-Christ is our permanent Priest, so He is able to save and interceded for those who come to God through Him.)
  • What is important in life? Job 21:7-15 (John 3:16-everlasting life and Matthew 16:26-serving Jesus)
  • Where do we find God? Job 23:3-5 (John 14:9-Jesus and God are one so we find God in Jesus.)

Although we may know all of the above, there are some around us that won't know it. This refreshes us in answering their questions.
So why am I suffering right now? Some of us may have been asking that as we studied the life of Job.  I hope today's post will aid in getting you one step closer to finding your answer. If not, then perhaps demonstrating walking by faith is your answer.

Continue to walk by faith through my storms in life, holding onto Jesus step by step.  
In the eye of the storm He remains in control. In the middle of the war, You guard my soul. Jesus, You alone are my anchor when my sails are torn. Your love surrounds me, in the eye of the storm.

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