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A Full Life

O. T. #1163      "A Full Life"
March 6, 2018
Job 42-Part 4
After all this Job lived 140 years, and saw his sons and his grandsons, four generations. So Job died, being old and full of days.  Job 42:16-17


Are you and I living a full life? As I have gotten older, my activities have slowed down. I have lessened the load, leaving them to the younger generation. Since my energy level has decreased, I realize that I don't have to be a "Super Woman" anymore. My priorities have changed. Maybe that is due to the realization that some things can wait until tomorrow, are not all that important, no big deal.
Who doesn't desire to live a full life? What is considered a full life? Job helps us find the answer.

We can be safe in saying Job had seen life in a variety of circumstances. He rose higher than the men of the East. He sunk lower in affliction, poverty, and distress, than any other human being that had existed before, or has lived since. He died when he was satisfied with this life. Job knew the worst and the best of human life. (Clarke Commentary)

Job lived a long life. Most commentaries say that he was probably in his 70's when his trials began. Since he lived 140 more years, that would have put Job at 210 years old when he died. (Oops, I goofed that one, thinking his total years was 140.)

Since his second family included another 10 children, he was blessed with his children's children doubled. Now this old man lived to a ripe old age, huh? It was not an extreme age back in the patriarch's era, though. Think of it, he knew his great-great-grandchildren. Whew! What a blessing. (Just think what it would have been like to have known such an elderly relative. I only knew my grandfathers.)This wise and righteous man saw the fruit of his labor in remaining faithful to his God. Amidst the family, were there priests, righteous-living farmers and businessmen, God-fearing mothers, loving grandparents? How many believers would the world have had due to this one man remaining faithful?

Is our faith being continued on to future generations? Are we sharing the loving salvation of Jesus Christ with them? What a blessing it is to know your children and grandchildren have all become Christians! We have four more to get saved. It will come, since they are being raised in the knowledge of Jesus.


NLT put it differently, Then he died, an old man who had lived a long, full life.

I was looking for answers as to what a full life was. No commentator emphasized it. Using Job as a model, here are a few of my thoughts. Feel free to add yours to the list.
A full life:
  • Remains faithful to the calling God has upon their life.
  • Trusts God through the good times and the bad, hard times, even when questions are not answered.
  • Learns from the trials which God allows to come  into their life.
  • Loves and honors God no matter what happens.
  • Believes God is in control and knows best, having a purpose for each of us.
  • Repents of sins daily.
  • Forgives others, not holding onto grudges that can cause bitterness.
  • Makes no demands, has no expectations, anticipates no favors.
  • Thanks God for even the smallest of blessings throughout the day.
  • Can pray for others, even enemies.
  • Is a woman or man of integrity, uncompromised.
  • Is an ambassador for Christ wherever they go.
  • Allows nothing or no one to steal their joy.
  • Helps others feel wanted and needed.
  • Shows compassion to the broken-hearted.
  • Can say that it was good that I was afflicted.
  • Leans on Jesus.
  • Shares the Word of God with others as the Truth and foundation of their life.
  • Be satisfied.
  • Encourages the present generation.
  • Is a life full of Jesus.


                                ...of the past, live in the present, look to a future in heaven.

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