Friday, March 9, 2018

Song in Our Heart

O. T. 1166 "Song in Our Heart"
March 9, 2018
Lessons from Job


We ask God to ease our suffering. We wait and ask again. Nothing changes. He What if trials of this life is His mercy in disguise? What if that is what draws us closer to Him, when we would not have otherwise? What if suffering is a hidden blessing for the time being? What if our suffering could end tonight? What would we learn from it? Will suffering be our life changer?

While we may not always have all the answers to our questions, like Job, we have much to learn from him, God's servant. Swindoll give us insight:

1. There is nothing God cannot do. God is omnipotent, all-powerful. So He has no limits, needs no approval, is independent, and He alone is "awesome."
2. It is impossible to frustrate God's purposes. It can't be blocked, restrained, or stopped. It will transpire without delay, hindrance, or fail. No one can cancel God's agenda.
3. God's plans are beyond our understanding and too deep to explain. He doesn't act like we think He ought to act. But we should not judge how God runs the world.
4. Only through God's instruction are we able to humble ourselves and rest in His will. Do we willingly accept and submit to His will?
5. When the day of reckoning arrives, God is always fair. He deals with wrongdoers at His "Accounts Settlement" desk. God doesn't miss anything, nor does He forget.
6. No one can be compared to God when it comes to blessings. It was after Job repented and prayed for his friends that God accepted it, restored, increased, and blessed Job twofold. It was grace that God showed to these imperfect men.
7. Only God can fill our final years with divine music that frees us to live above our circumstances. Allow Him to fill us with the Holy Spirit so we live a full life. Be an overcomer, free of guilt and grudges, bitterness and resentment. He waits to fill our heart with songs of praise and joy.


Our journey with Job has come to an end, but his life lessons learned can remain with us for our lifetime. Job's pain and suffering drove him to his knees as he surrendered before a holy God. Then Job rested in complete trust. His burdens rolled away and music was restored in his heart again.

What will we do? Lay down our burdens, open our heart, and come as we are to Jesus. There is nothing to big that God can't fix. No problem is  too hard that He can't solve. No hurt is so deep that He can't heal. All things are possible with our loving God.
His grace helps us weather storms with heroic endurance and patience. Then our faith touches the lives of others for good. That will be our sufficient reward.


                     ... and let God do it.
                     ... and let God lead.

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