Friday, March 16, 2018

Are You Set Apart?

O. T. #1171  "Are You Set Apart?"
March 16, 2018
Psalms 4
But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself him who is godly; The Lord will hear when I call to Him.  Psalm 4:3


You, sister in Christ, brother in Christ, are precious in the Lord's sight. The godly person has trusted Christ as their Savior and God has forgiven their sins. This godly person strives to live a righteous life and to give glory to their God. Such people have a special place in His heart. You are always kept before Him. Are you a godly person?

In the Hebrew language, godly means kind, good, merciful, saint.

The godly are faithful and devoted to God. Do you know when we are set apart by God, He observes our consecrated life and is pleased with what He sees? You are cherished by a Holy, Righteous God! What a tremendous privilege!

What does David call God? The God of my righteousness. In verse 1, righteousness refers to the right (morally or legally); just.

It is God who makes us righteous, not ourselves. None of us are righteous, no not one, alone. Jesus' blood shed upon the cross covers our sins so we can be right with a Holy God.

According to David Wilkerson, being righteous has a combination of traits: uprightness, morality, virtuousness, good conduct, avoidance of evil and of fleshly temptations. They walk a good, straight path of faith. they say only good things about people, including those who wrong them.

In Jeremiah 23:5-6, God is called THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, Jehovah Tsidkenu (Hebrew).

What does David say about God?
  • He will answer when we call to Him.
  • He hears us when we are in distress, troubled.
  • He gives us mercy, not what we deserve.
How wonderful our God is!


What is a godly person to do?
  • Know that they are set apart for God.
  • Stand in awe.
  • Sin not.
  • Contemplate things at night, checking your own heart, being still.
  • Offer sacrifices in the right spirit.
  • Trust God.
  • Know that He smiles upon us then.
  • Gladness is in our heart, a greater joy than having abundant harvests, placed by God.
  • We can lie down in peace and sleep, for God makes us safe.
Lord Jesus, we stand in awe of You. As we trust in You, fill us with joy and peace. Set us apart as Your children, different from those in the world.


Help me watch my words so I don't lie, make false accusations, or ruin the reputation of another.
Fill me with Your Spirit of righteousness, for I have none without You..
I need as gentle and quiet spirit.

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