Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Caught on Own Pitchfork

O. T. #1174  "Caught on Own Pitchfork"
March 21, 2018
Psalms 7
I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.  Psalms 7:17


We watch often old westerns on television. When there is a fight scene in a barn, chances are the bad character will try to kill the good person by throwing a pitchfork at them. We know it will not hit the good character. During the fight, the bad man falls on the pitchfork he used to try to kill the good man. Isn't that the way it goes in life, if we leave revenge up to God, that is.

Have you ever been so falsely accused or hurt so badly that you wanted revenge? We find this happened when David, an innocent man had his integrity questioned. David's only defense was God.

Here we read of another prayer of David's:
  • David put his trust in God to deliver him from the persecutors. (verse 1)
  • If David was guilty of injustice, did wrong, betrayed a friend, or plundered an enemy without cause, then let his enemies capture him, trample him to the ground, and drag David's honor in the dust. (verses 3-5)
  • David knew God looked deep into the mind and heart. He knew the truth of the matter.(verse 9)
  • God is our shield, defense, saving those whose hearts are true and right. (verse 10)
  • God is an honest judge. (verse 11)
In Romans 12:19, Paul tells us to not avenge our self, but let God's wrath take care of it. God will make sure that the accuser will fall into his own ditch that he dug for the one he accused. In other words, he will we caught on his own pitchfork. In other words, the troubles they make for others backfires on them. We don't have to do anything about it.

Can we praise the Lord Most High, even when we are falsely accused of doing wrong?


Slanderous accusations were made by Cush to King Saul. They were claiming David was trying to kill Saul and seize the throne (1 Samuel 24:9-11). We know this was false because twice David had an opportunity to kill King Saul and refused to harm God's anointed.

According to Falwell, David's prayer is fourfold:
  1. Let the enemy persecute my soul;
  2. Let the enemy take it;
  3. Let him tread down my life upon the earth;
  4. Let him lay my honor in the dust.
Falsely accused, David takes no revenge, knowing that evil for good is devil-like, evil for evil is beast-like, good for good is man-like, good for evil is Godlike.

So our goal as a Child of God is to be Godlike. We can see it demonstrated in David's early life. Can others see it in our life? Will we live above our circumstances, not allowing anything to steal our joy?


                               ... and rise up in amazing grace.
                               ... praying for my enemies.
                               ... showing love and mercy toward them with forgiveness.
                               ... don't get caught on my own pitchfork.

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