Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seeking Advice

O. T.#726  "Seeking Advice"
March 31, 2016
2 Samuel 16-Part 3
...What should I do next? 2 Samuel 16:20


What kind of people do we seek for advice? Are they godly or rebellious, worldly or spiritual folks? Are we the right kind of person that others can seek for godly advice? 

David fled from his palace when he heard of his son Absalom's plan to lead a revolt and take over the throne as king. He encountered some characters along the way to safety-Ziba who lied about Mephibosheth desiring to take his grandfather's position as king of Israel, and the rocks and curses of Shimel. Through all of that, David continued to trust God for victory in his life and to return his reigning over Israel. He was patient under those trials. He knew God would avenge him at the right time, as He did later.

Absalom and his army arrived at Jerusalem, accompanied by Ahithophel, who had been David's counselor turned traitor. Next, David's spy, Hushai arrived in the city and went to Absalom. (Keep in mind that Ahithophel was already Absalom's adviser by this time.)

What did Hushai tell Absalom?
  • Ohhhh, long live the king, of course. He was pretending to support Absalom who established himself as king of Israel.
  • He was there because he belonged to the man that was chosen by God and all the men of Israel. Sounds like a good supporter, doesn't he?
  • And anyway, why shouldn't I serve you? (Come on Hushai, keep it up and he will believe your allegiance.)
  • Just as I was your father's adviser, now I will be your adviser! (Hey man, you are convincing doing good.) 
At first, Absalom was hesitant to believe Hushai change of alliance.
"Is this how you treat your friend, David?" he asked.
Absalom turned to old Ahithophel the traitor and asked what he should do next. Guess it wasn't convincing enough, Hushai.

Most rulers had advisers to help them make decisions about governmental and political matters. They probably arranged the king's marriages as well because these were usually politically motivated unions. But God mad Ahithophel's advice seem foolish, just as David had prayed (15:31). (Life Application Study Bible)

Do we have godly advisers in our life? Are we using the Word of God for the basis of our decisions? Are we the type of person that others come to for godly advice?


David was being disgraced not only in the wilderness, but also back in his own palace. For Ahiithoophel had counseled Absalom to take David's concubines for himself and thus openly break with his father. This was a fulfillment of the prophecy in 12:11-12. (Wirsebe)

Of all things, Ahithophel tells Absalom to go sleep with his father's concubines (10 in number), for David left them to look after the palace. (This was the first piece of advice.) Then all Israel will know that you have insulted your father beyond hope of reconciliation, and they will throw their support to you.
So they set up a tent on the palace roof where everyone could see it, and Absalom did as he was advised, had sex with his father's concubines. Yuck! Talk about sinning in the open for all to see. Where was shame? Rebellion in Absalom's heart began when he planned to kill his brother and carried it out. Talk about a downward spiral in immorality. Absalom not only waded out into sin, but he was diving in and going under.

For every word Ahithophel spoke seemed as wise as though it had come directly from the mouth of God. (New Living Translation, NLT)

In the Near East, possession of the harem came with the throne. The tent was set up for this scandalous event, thereby fulfilling the judgment announced by Nathan. (MacArthur)

Hey, does this sound familiar? America is heading down into the pit of immoral sins. When we think it can't get worse (abortions, homosexual marriages), states are passing laws that allow homos and transgenders to use restrooms of their choice. People, can we not rise up against these and protect our grandchildren? Come on, folks, please pray with me that God will have mercy on us and turn us back to Him in repentance. It is a serious time in our nation.

Remember, our Lord Jesus was despised and rejected of men like David was. Do we have the courage to remain loyal to our Savior? He will reward us, friends, sooner or later.

Well, I do not like leaving us here in the midst of sin and rebellion, but the LORD's better plan is coming soon, so continue with us.


Give godly advice to others.

Live the Word before others.

Pray for my nation throughout today.

Take a stand for God's ways of living.

Pray, pray, pray.

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