Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lies, Lies, They Are All Lies

O. T. #724 "Lies, Lies, They Are All Lies"
March 29, 2016
2 Samuel 16


We have learned about the revolt of Absalom, King David's son, David's counselor Ahithophel, who was a traitor and became Absalom's counselor, and David's leaving Jerusalem to protect his family and life. Previously, we read of David's friends during this trying time. David sent Hushai to pose as an ally of Absalom, but would serve as a spy.

As though David did not have enough difficulty going on, here enters Ziba, the servant of Mephibosheth, the only survivor of King Saul and son of Jonathan who was lame. (Chapter 9 gives the background for this man.)Saul was the first king of Israel and pursued David for about 15 years to kill him, however was obviously unsuccessful. Ziba is a lying scoundrel, that is what he is.

He brought generous supplies to David with the lie that his master still aspired to the throne. David was unable to see through his fabrication at the time. All the property and heritance  of
Mephibosheth were transferred to Ziba. (Falwell)

Now you see what I was talking about. That lying dog brought good food and wine to David's exhausted group. He got his reward that he set out to get when David was at his lowest in his life. David did not check out the facts of Ziba's story before making such a rash decision.

We sometimes do that-jump to conclusions without checking out the facts, asking questions, seeking advice. Especially when we are at our low time of our life, we need to be aware and alert to the schemes of people out to get us or hurt us. Look out for the Ziba's in life so we are not like the deceived David.


As though David has not had enough bad people in his life (a rebellious son, a traitor, a liar), he hen encounters a hateful enemy of Saul's family, Shimei. We see that he expresses his bitterness toward King David by throwing rocks at him. These were actual rocks, not words.

Listen to Shimei's three lies about David which Swindoll points out:
  1. The Lord is paying you back for murdering King Saul.
  2. You stole Saul's throne.
  3. The Lord has given your son Absalom your throne.
He's not only thrown rocks and cursed David, Shimei has lied three times in his personal attack. He is way out of line. David has done nothing to warrant these public assaults. But they have come, nevertheless.
Shimei was your basic reprobate-the kind of person who kicks you while you're on your face, down and out. You're at the very ultimate, lowest pit and along comes a Shimei. Boom! Hits you below the belt. And when you squirm, he comes back with another blow.
[Resource: David, A Man of  Passion and Destiny by Charles Swindoll]


Let God take the revenge upon the liars that throw the stones to injure me.

Forgive and love them, the liars.

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