Monday, March 28, 2016

When I Can't Handle It

O. T. #723  "When I Can't Handle It"
2 Samuel 15-Part 4
March 24, 2016
All who trust in Him will praise Him. Psalm 63:13

Happy belated Easter, ya'll!! He is our Risen Savior, alive, living on the inside of those who believe in Him.


Waves and waves of hurts, problems, conflicts have been raging high, knocking me down  for 3 months now. I realize that worry has literally made me sick. So I needed today's lesson on trusting and praising the Lord. It is time I apply my own words written here to my own life. I can't change some people and some circumstances, so when I can't handle it, I give it into God's hands to handle it and deal with them. Trusting Jesus. David had to do the same. How did he do it?

Absalom, David's son, was leading a revolt to take over Israel as king. He had a huge army from all over the nation of Israel supporting him. Absalom was coming, so David left the city of David, Jerusalem, with his small army and family. He sent the two priests, Zadok and Ahiathar, back with the Ark of the Covenant. David was trusting God for victory and a return to his throne. David would wait at the Jordan River for a report on things. We left David weeping as he walked up the road to the Mount of Olives.

David wrote Psalm 3 and 63 during this time when he fled from his son Absalom. What gold nuggets do we gain through his suffering?
  • The LORD is a shield around us. (verse 3)
  • God is our glory, as well as the lifter of our head. (verse 3)
  • We can cry out to the Lord and he answers us. (verse 4)
  • The Lord watches over us, even while we sleep. (verse 5)
  • We need not be afraid of 10,000 enemies who surround us on every side. (verse 6)
  • David prayed for God's revenge upon his enemies. (verse 7)
  • Victory comes from the Lord. (verse 8)
  • God's unfailing love is better than life itself. (Ps. 63:3)
  • Praise the Lord as long as we live, lifting up our hands in prayer and songs of joy. (verses 4,5)
  • Meditate on God both day and night. (verse 6)
  • God is our helper so sing for joy in the shadow of His wings. (verse 7)
  • Cling to God; His strong hands hold us securely. (verse 8)
  • God will destroy those plotting to destroy us. (verse 9)
  • All who trust in the Lord will praise Him, while liars will be silenced. (verse 11)
During his intense days, David trusted in the Lord. When it seems as though enemies (problems, trials, difficulties) surround us, as we trusting in Jesus?


In Charles Swindoll's book, David, A Man of Passion and Destiny, describes five faithful and true friends David had during all of this:
  1. First was Ittai the Gittite (Gentile) from Gath, who declared his faithfulness to David in verse 21, then joined David's group.
  2. Second were the two priests and Levites Zadok and Abiathar. They did whatever David wished and were available friends.
  3. Third was Hushai, the Archite. He joined David in his expression of sorrow, as though his presence wrapped him with love around David. No great message or verse, just a hug of encouragement when needed. Someone told David that his advisor, Ahithophel, was a traitor and now supported Absalom. Then David devised a plan. He sent Hushai, who was in a mournful way due to all the activities, to go to Jerusalem and tell Absalom that he would now be Absalom's advisor as he was his father's advisor. (He was posing as an ally, but actually a spy, in hopes of his advise would change Absalom and an informant of Absalom's decisions.)
  4. We will read of a group of three men in chapter 17-Shobi, Machir, and Barzillai. These were nobodies who became somebodies in David's corner and meeting the needs of David and his group.
  5. Last, we recognize Joab, captain of David's army, cared enough to confront him, tell him the truth, and give advice. We will read about it in chapter 19.
Swindoll points out that friends:
  • are not optional, but essential. They care, listen, comfort, and reprove occasionally.
  • are not automatic but must be cultivated. It is developed through constant care.
  • are not neutral, but impact our lives. Choose your friends wisely and carefully.
  • come in varying degrees, some of whom play more significant roles in our life than others. We have many acquaintances, several close friends, and a few intimate friends. Mutual understanding and trust is established between intimate friends.
What kind of friend are we?


Stop worrying and trust in God.

Give it into God's hands to handle.

Be an intimate friend with whom others can share their heart and it remains between us.

Show that I care about my friends.

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