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A Feast Fit for a King

O. T. #716  "A Feast Fit for a King"
March 13, 2016
2 Samuel 13-Part 2
So Absalom prepared a feast fit for a king. 2 Samuel 13:7 NLT


We have attended many fancy parties, banquets, and weddings in our years of life. Some of the uptown business dinners had alcohol available at a bar. Various foods were available on several tables. Yes, we have attended a feast fit for a king. We asked the bartender for a soda without any liquor added at those. They were amazed and confused as to why we would refuse free liquor. The first few years it was intimidating, but now we expect being different and see others as the ones with the problem, not us. Absalom prepared a feast fit for a king, but the king did not attend. Let's walk around in the party atmosphere and observe what happens at this particular feast.

Even though David was angry with Amnon for raping Tamar, his half sister. David did not punish him. Maybe he did not want to cross his firstborn or it was because David was guilty of committing adultery, also. Whatever the reason, David did not take care of the situation. David was a skillful military leader and king, but he lacked the skill of being an effective father and husband. He failed to teach his children to obey the Lord and lead them by example. Can you imagine a palace with umpteen wives and children? Absalom was David's third son by his third wife.
Swindoll calls it  paternal preoccupation. His head had been somewhere else for a long time. His kids raised themselves, without proper parental authority and discipline.

Tamar lived with her brother Absalom (they had the same parents). She kept out of circulation because of her seduction of Amnon.Because this situation was not dealt with, Absalom hated Amnon deeply because of what he did to Absalom's sister. (verse 22)
Now we pick up another event in this chapter-Abaslom takes revenge in his own hands. How does this come about?
  • Absalom planned it out, the way he would get even with Amnon. He waited for two years before making his move.
  • It was sheep shearing time and Absalom invited the king's sons, King David, and his servants to a festival.
  • David declined the invitation, saying, "Let us not all now go." (verse 25) Not everything that comes our way is God's will for us, so we need discernment.
  • Absalom then said, "If you can't come, how about sending my brother Amnon with us?"
  • Now Absalom kept on at his father and David let all of his sons attend the festival. (verse 27)
  • So Absalom prepared a feast fit for a king.
David's children manipulated and intimidated him and see what happened. When fathers are absent, it becomes a extremely demanding role for the mother to be the sole disciplinarian of the children. When some dads are present, they are sometimes addicted to television and neglect their children.

Are we helping our children raise their children up in the admonition of the Lord Jesus?
Are parents aware of who will be attending the parties their child attends? Will there be alcohol, drugs, or sex available there? We need to protect our children. Love may need to say no sometimes.


So we have all of David's son attending the party after the sheep are sheered, the work is done. I found a chart that named all 19 sons of David, from his 8 named wives, but included other nameless wives and concubines. Oh, David, we can see your weakness is women. Polygamy is not what God had intended for His children.

With David's denial of the invitation, Absalom requested that Ammon go as his representative. Although David had reservations about Absalom's intent, he allowed all his sons to go. (MacArthur)

What happened at the party, the festival?
  • Absalom carried out his plan-when Amnon got drunk, he gave the signal, and Absalom's men killed Amnon. 
  • Here comes the funny part. Then the other sons of the king jumped on their mules and fled.
Mules don't run as fast as horses, but they were ridden by the royal family. However, those brothers did not wait around for their life to be taken. They may have even skipped dessert. Oh, Absalom, you did just like your father David, who had Uriah killed.

Though rape was punishable by death, personal vengeance such as this was unacceptable to God. The due course of law was to be carried out. (MacArthur)

The sword did not depart from David's household. Now David had lost two sons. More is to come. I don't like to leave on a sad note here. Do we see how one sin can lead to another hen cover up is present?


Be discerning about opportunities.

It's acceptable to refuse invitations, a no is okay.

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