Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet, Honey Dripping Words

O. T. #718  "Sweet, Honey Dripping Words"
March 21, 2016
2 Samuel 14
I know you are like an angel of God...  2 Samuel 14:20


There are people who try to get their way using the technique of sweet, honey dripping words being said. Complements insincere. Words with hidden agendas. Schemes devised. Oh how we need to be on our toes these days. Ask the Lord for discernment. David saw through Joab's scheme.

For three years Absalom lived with the king of Geshur, his grandfather. Joab realized how much King David longed to see Absalom, so he devised a scheme for his return.
How did he do it?
  • Joab persuaded a woman from Tekoa to pretend to be a widow who had two sons. One of her sons killed the other. She asked for David's help because her family demanded her son be killed for his murder.
  • King David promised to help her.
  • Oh, by the way... Then the woman asked David why he did not do as much for the people of God as he promised to do for her. David had convicted himself in his decision, refusing to bring home his own banished son.
  • The woman also said some profound statements-All of us must die eventually; Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. But God does not sweep life away, instead, He devises ways too bring us back when we have been separated from Him.
  • She says David is like an angel of God in discerning good from evil. May the LORD your God be with you.
In other words, the fear of the public opinion was causing David to hesitate pardoning his son Absalom of murder. Joab realized the struggle David was having between parental and royal duty and devised such a scheme of a wise woman to tell a story to the king. By allowing Absalom to remain in exile, David had jeopardized the future welfare of Israel. If he would be so generous to a son he did not know in a family he did not know, would he not forgive his own son.  (MacArthur)

Would David cut off his own heir, thus his inheritance among God's people?
Do family members, friends, or neighbors refuse to forgive each other and cause a division and unforgiveness to carry on to the next generation?

Did you hear the woman speaking about God's mercy? Would David show mercy to his son as he was shown mercy from God? Do we show mercy to others when we have received it our self?


The application of the whole scheme was made crystal clear to David. The diplomatic words in a spoonful of  honey, calling David an angel of God, was a method to make the medicine taste good. Dripping with sweet words and compliments can sometimes be an effort to get ones way that otherwise might be denied.

Ding! The bell went off in David's head and he saw the scheme of Joab being carried out here. (Actually, Joab wanted Absalom brought home so he could kill this next man in line for the kingship, not that Joab was concerned with the king's happiness.)

In verse 23, we read of David's order-Absalom is allowed to return to his own house, but never come into David's presence.


Forgive and let go of past hurts.

Show mercy to those who do not deserve it, as Jesus does to me.

Have discernment when sweet words come my way with a scheme.


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