Thursday, March 24, 2016

When It is Time to Go

O. T. #721  "When It is Time to Go"
March 24, 2016
2 Samuel 15-Part 2
I don't know where we will go.  2 Samuel 15:20


Abraham followed God, not knowing where He was leading. As it turned out, Abraham saw the Promised Land that God gave to Abraham's heirs. David left King Saul's palace fleeing for his life. He lived in the wilderness for about 15 years. When we follow God, we may not know all the details of our journey until we step out. Again, David had to flee for his life, only this time it was his son who threatened him.

Absalom's conspiracy begins. His scheme was to lead a revolt and take over as king of Israel, but God intervened. Ittai, a messenger from Gath (a Gentile), revealed Absalom's plans, notifying David of his son's support. Did David believe the man who told such horrifying news? Join me as I answer that question.

David does believe the informer, since he quickly gets his family and household away from Jerusalem. He knew that if they did leave before Absalom arrived, then both he and the city would be spared from disaster. I wonder if it had been in the back of David's mind that this son of his might possibly do such a thing.

What does David do next?
  • David is supported and protected by 600 men from Gath in addition to his own bodyguards and they are going with David's group. However, he encourages those men and his informer to return home for their protection.
  • David realizes that he did not know where they would go for protection, yet he blesses them with  the Lord's unfailing love and faithfulness.  (verse 20)
  • Ittai refuses David's offer of escape.
Now in verse 21, we read of such dedication of this man to his king: I vow by the LORD and by your own life that I will go wherever my lord the king goes, no matter what happens-whether it means life or death.

Are we that committed to our King Jesus? Are we willing to go wherever He goes? Is our dedication so strong that it is for life or death?


After that statement, David agreed to let Ittai, his men, and family join David. News traveled quickly. As David and his group passed through the city, all the people wept.

It was a tragedy for the heart of a nation, and all those who were faithful to David, as they passed over the Brook of Kidron toward the wilderness east of Jerusalem.  (Falwell)

If a fight is too costly, do we have the courage to back down, swallow our pride, and think of others?
If it is necessary to stand up, do we do so with the leading of the Lord? Are we prepared to suffer any cost it may require for the Lord's will t be done?


Go wherever my King Jesus leads me.

Go no matter if it cost me life or death.

Discern when it is time to stay or go.

*Update: My friend's son did pass away Friday morning. They got his heart and breath restored at the hospital, sent him to Children's Hospital, and tests revealed his brain dead on Sunday. On Monday, the parents decided to donate his organs to other children. They knew it was time to let him go. Please pray for this family as Saturday morning is his funeral. Thanks brothers and sisters in Christ.

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