Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Baby Came Along

O. T. #714  "Another Baby Came Along"
March 14, 2016
2 Samuel 12-Part 8


David did not continue to dwell on his sin. He returned to God, and God forgave him, opening the way to begin life anew, a fresh start-God's grace. Who doesn't need that every morning?
Scripture does not dwell on the death of the first child of David and Bathsheba. We do not read about the effect it had on the mother-the emptiness of her arms, the longing to cuddle the baby, watch it grow and develop, wandering what it would be like as an adult. I do not want to make light of the pain in having a child pass away. We have experienced it in our own family. Babies in heaven will make it even sweeter, though. David moved on in his life, keeping love for the baby in his heart, I am sure.

Perhaps the most bitter experience in life is the death of one's child. For comfort in such difficult circumstances, see Psalms 16:9-11; 17:15; 139; Isaiah 40:11. (Life Application Study Bible)

David gave Bathsheba comfort, as verse 24 says. Then time passed, and the couple had three more sons. The names  are listed in 1 Chronicles 3:5. Then another baby came along. Their fourth born son is a familiar name to us-Solomon. (New info to me) Look at the end of verse 24: The LORD loved the child...
What a little bundle of joy came into this family. (David had 9 other sons besides Solomon born while he was in Jerusalem, and one daughter, Tamar.)

In verse 25, God sent word by Nathan to David that they should name the baby Jedidiah, which means beloved of the LORD. Solomon means peace. Little did the parents know, but God had plans for this child-he would be the next king of Israel. God turned a curse into a blessing, fulfillment of the promise given to David in 1 Chronicles 22:9.

I am taking a sigh of relief, good has come in our reading. It has been a long time coming.
Do we have the faith to continue walking with God, even amidst the hard times?
Will we take this event in David's life as a warning to "take heed lest we fall" from 1 Corinthians 10:12? In verse 13, God promises us a way of escape when faced with temptation. Be careful not to allow our desires or flesh over take us. We are to die to self and live for Christ.


Guess I spoke too soon. In verses 26-31 we read of a battle that occurred in the city of Rabbah, among the villages of Amman. It was known as the royal city, the city of waters, a city famous for its beautiful waters. Joab sent messengers to David to challenge David to bring the rest of the army and have the credit for the victory, else Joab would.
David just that, lead the Israelites to victory. He removed the crown off the king's head and placed it upon his own head. What a crown it was-75 pounds of gold and gems. He made slaves of the people captured, forcing them to work with saws, iron picks, iron axes, and brick kilns.

What is so significant about this victory? We find the answer as we look back in 1 Samuel 11. That was when Nahash the Ammonite conquered the city of Jabesh under Saul's reign. Nahash refused to surrender except for the gory condition-all right eyes be gashed out in the city.
Does it come back to you now? Yeah David for getting revenge for your men in Jabesh.

"What comes around goes around," my mother used to say. We see it here, revenge for the right eye.

Well, finally, we finished that chapter. So glad you stuck with me. It was quite an eventful one. Keep in mind, David was a "Man after God's own heart," which God called him.


Forgive and let go and let God take the revenge.

Trust Him, even when I don't understand the whys.

Look for the good to come.

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