Friday, April 1, 2016

A Better Plan

O. T. #727 "A Better Plan"
April 1, 2016
2 Samuel 16-Part 4
For the LORD had determined ...the better plan...  2 Samuel 16:13


When things are not working out, going our way, do we stop to find out why? I have found that my plans are not always the best, not always the better one that God has for me. So finally, I seek what it is, then follow. Yep,

Long live the king. Under his breath, Hushai was probably saying, "King David, that is." As David's spy, Hushai, tried to gain Absalom's confidence by attempting to persuade him that he, Hushai, was on his side. He voluntarily left as David's advisor and joined Absalom's revolt, so Absalom would think. The last time we met, Ahithophel gave Absalom his first advice, which was disgraceful-sleep with the king's concubines, thus demonstrating to Israel that Absalom was reigning as king over Israel now. Absalom did follow such advice. (I was reminded that Ahithophel was Bathsheba's grandfather, who would have been an older man and should have been able to make wise decisions, but not the case.)

Now we read of Ahithophel's second advice:
  • Let him choose 12,000 men to start out after David that very night.
  • He would catch up with David while he is weary and discouraged.
  • David's troops would panic and run away.
  • Then he would only kill King David and bring all his supporters back with him.
  •  After all, it is only one man's life that you seek.
  • Then Absalom would be at peace with all the people.
This plan seemed good to Absalom and to all the elders of Israel. Will they follow it?
What may seem to be a right decision or action may not actually be the better plan for us to follow.


Then Absalom requested that Hushai come and give his advice on the matter. First of all, Absalom informed Hushai of Ahithophel's plan. Absalom asked Hushai's opinion and whether he should follow it.
Then Hushai gave his opinion in verses 5-14:
  • He came right out and said Ahithophel made a mistake.
  • David and his men are mighty warriors; he is an experience man of war. 
  • David would be hidden in a pit or cave, not with his troops.
  • When David attacks Absalom's troops, they will panic when a few of them are killed.
  • The word will be spread that Absalom's men are being slaughtered.
  • Your bravest soldiers will be paralyzed with fear, for everyone knows what a might warrior your father is and how courageous his men are.
  • Hushai recommended Absalom wait about attacking David and his army, bring in his supporters from the north and south so his army would be as numerous as the sand.
  • He advised that Absalom personally lead his troops.
  • When they find David, they will fall upon him like the dew. None would survive the attack.
  • Even if David escaped to an Israeli town, Absalom would be informed so he could break down the walls until every stone is torn down.
Hushai was alluding to victory for Absalom either way. Whose advice did Absalom follow? In verse 14 we find the answer. Absalom and all the men of Israel  agreed that Hushai's advice was better than Ahithophel's.

For the LORD had determined to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel, which really was the better plan, so that he could bring disaster on Absalom!

In reality, Ahithoophel's plan would have been the right one for Absalom to follow, but God did not will it to be so. He was planning to defeat Absalom for David, but not Ahithophel's way.

Do we ask God what His plan is for us instead of following after our own plan/way or the advice of a friend? Do we have discernment of the better plan? Are we mighty warriors depending upon our King Jesus to bring victory His way? Are we willing to stand against the evil and the wrong? Do we refuse to walk down the wrong path? Will we seek God's better plan?


Seek God's better plan for my life and circumstances, then follow it when I know it.

Trust God for the victory and give Him the glory when it comes.

Your will,
Your way,
I pray.

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